Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kitten Update, Nails, Japanese Chocolate :) + 10% off He Qi!

Hi everyone! My job starts next Tuesday :X-- so here I am, bumming around, enjoying my last couple days of doing nothing. I haven't been in Davis, so I haven't been able to do jewelry orders, but I'll be there tomorrow and onwards and things will be back to normal :)

First off: kittens are awesome. They're super curious, but they haven't really destroyed anything at all, which I'm very impressed by.

Here's Loki CAUGHT playing with the toilet paper.

He's not feeling guilty at all, lol. Still playing while I took the photo :X

Anyway, many of you know that I bite my nails like no other. After I got my last set of acrylics for Vegas (which I stupidly forgot to take a photo of), I was able to resist the urge to chew by constantly painting my nails. I like keeping my nails short because I work so much with  my hands-- but having them grow just a TEEENy bit passed my fingertips would be preferred. But I have extremely thin and brittle nails, so I'm always looking for ways to strengthen my nails.

I was at CVS yesterday and picked up some amazing deals:

I purchased, from left to right:
Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps Acrylic Gel & Nylon-- and overcoat to make nails harder
Seche Vite and Seche Clear set
Sally Hansen Diamond strength in Coral Kisses
I was super lucky to have a $5 extra bucks from spending $50 on beauty products in the last quarter, and the Seche Vite/Clear was already a steal at $8.99 for both-- generally it's $8.99 just for the Seche Vite! I walked away with everything for only $12. A steal. The other two items were also on sale.

The plan:
- apply Seche Clear
- apply nail polish (two coats)
- apply Seche Vite
- apply Hard as Wraps

The final result:

I hope this prevents me from chewing on my nails ><  The length right now is okay, but could be a bit longer.

I also wanted to share two recent Japanese chocolates I've never come across before :)

This is called LOOK, lol

At about $3.50, it's a bit steep, but I was toooo curious. The outside is milk chocolate, and there's maccha and red bean filling. DELICIOUS.

The next is SWEETS TORTE, a faux tiramisu chocolate candy

They're individually wrapped, at about $4 a box

And it's heavenly.

And.. to end the post (I'm off to Oregon from July 1 - 4), I'm going to leave you with another 10% off coupon for > use code "10clear" for 10% off any order till Sunday!



Maeve Rachel said...

Loki is so cute! Seems like a little mischievous one! he he I love the nail polish colour, hope you can grow them this time! =) Oh those chocolates look yummy!

tiffyama said...

I used to bite my nails as well, but I was able to overcome the habit in due time. ^^ The nail polish you picked out is super cute and flattering to your skin tone! The chocolates look yummy too. :]

cindy said...

You'll love oregon! <3 shopping w/ no tax and nice weather!