Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet Kratos, Fruit Studs, Ring

Sooooooooooooo.... I was browsing Craigslist for cat adoptions and I came across an individual who had some kittens in San Leandro. Brian and I weren't planning on getting a kitten, but something was nagging at me to call this guy and get some info on the kittens...

And that's the abridged version of how we ended up with KRATOS, 8 week old kitten.

hahahah, this picture makes me laugh every time.
His mommy was a F5 Savannah kitty, and the dad was a housecat with some Maine Coon in him-- so when Kratos grows up, he'll be a medium - long hair cat.

Kratos came as an unexpected surprise :) But we are all very happy, and he's melting hearts left and right.

In the three days we've had him, he's racked up $400 worth of bills including vet, food, toys, carrier, etc. I didn't expect it to be so much, and there are only more coming with more shots, neutering... SO pretty much all proceeds from He Qi from from now and forth goes towards maintaining this kitty :)

He's curled up on my bed, sleepy head:

His eyes are blue for now, but they'll turn green as he gets older.

This was a funny comparison photo:

Man, Kratos is soooo tiny.... Achilles looks gigantic!... and they're doing the same pose, lol.

And yes, we did name him Kratos :)-- partly for the Greek mythology, partly for the video game... haha. Seeing a theme in the house? Kratos... Achilles...

Anyway, I promised that I'll show off the new goodies before going to bed tonight, so here they are!

Fruit studs :)

the back;

Other available fruits:

Made from polymer clay! And no, I didn't make these, unfortunately. They came in sticks, and I just cut them into size.

Also made a sterling silver wire-wrap ring:

Only ONE for now, and only in one size--if there's a lot of interest, I may consider making more :)

And lastly, some pear-drop earrings:

Really dark, mysterious and classy :)

All righty! Bed time for me. Talk to you all later :)



Anonymous said...

Ah! I love the kiwis and oranges! CUTE!

Anna said...

KRATOS IS SO CUTE!!!he looks so soft!
these fruit studs reminds me of these erasers i use to buy when i was itty bitty. adorable!

Samantha said...

OH MY! Kratos is so adorable (broken heart right here!) I personally think that his cute little face makes all the bills worth it.. as long as you can still afford it haha. Unconditional love comes at a price now a days hahaha. Congrats again love! You cat mama you.

Maeve Rachel said...

He's so cute!! And tiny next to Achilles!

rebecca said...

AWWW EVERYTHINGS SO CUTE - the kitty and the miniature fruit earrings!!! ^.^