Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kitty, Wire-Wrap, Feathers, Tutorials? I'm employed!

Hi everyone! This is my last month of my undergrad education... so it's been busy and hectic.
On Sunday, my neighbor found a kitty outside her house, and since she has doggies at her place, it wasn't possible to keep it at her place.... so I took her in, and kept her in the bathroom (away from our current kitty, Achilles).

Here's a shot of her, chillin' on my body pillow:

A teeeny, tiny gal, but the sweetest thing ever. Extremely affectionate, constant head bumps. She'd do this thing where she'll get on her hind legs when I lean down to pet her, and try to bump my face with her head. SLDKFJSLDKFJLSKDJFLS SO CUTE. But she didn't know how to use the litter box, and pooped on my bed (wet poop, ugh). HOWEVER, after that incident, I rubbed her paws in the litter box I provided, and she got it right away, and never had an accident since.

Here's her enjoying a nap in my lap-- she LOVES to curl up in my lab/on my chest. UGH it's so painfully cute.

On Monday morning, I took her to the Vet to make sure she's healthy, etc. Got her some Frontline. Turns out she's about 4 yrs old (she looks so young and kitten-like!) she might be pregnant, which may describe her extremely affectionate behavior. Since I can't keep a stray cat right now (I can't properly take care of her if she's pregnant) I had to take her to the shelter-- but no worries, they will take good care of her. If she's pregnant, they'll help her with the kitten process, and put them up for adoption when they are ready. I did express that I would be interested in adopting her if she check out in good health and has good temperment.

She'll be fine, and I hope to hear from the shelter soon with an update on adopting her:

A good girl.

I was wondering what I should make last night... and after asking around Twitter last night, RightsToBeauty suggested I make something along the lines of a horseshoe/clover. I had no clovers... but I did have these beautiful fern green hearts and gold horseshoes, so this is what I came up with:

And this led to another piece:

^ This is my current favorite :)

Another wire wrap piece:

Cute umbrella earrings:

Mesh Bow Earrings:

^ these are probably a little overdone in terms of design, but they're cute, good quality, and affordable in case you're not sick of hearts/bows yet :)

More Spring earrings:

And... another pair of Grizzly feather earrings :)

I think that I'd like to start making jewelry tutorials in the future-- what do you think?
They'll be in PDF format or something, with plenty of photos on how to properly execute the design, plus you'll have unlimited access to me if you have questions/what not. Any suggestions on what you'd like to see a tutorial on?

In other news, I'm officially employed! I'm truly honored to have been hired by an excellent biomedical device company in Rancho Cordova, CA.  I'm extremely fortunate to have found a job so quickly, and one related to my major. My first day is July 5th! What does this mean for He Qi's future? I think I will continue to craft in my spare time, and may continue this business after work starts. This COULD mean that I will be able to have more monetary support, meaning more variety and goodies for you at a consistent, reasonable price :) ... of course, depending on how work goes, there is the possibility that He Qi Crystal Designs may retire... but it is all up in the air for now :)



vivaciousviv23 said...

No matter what you decide on doing with He Qi Crystal Designs, we'll support you for the rest of your life! Hopefully you'll keep updating your blog with more updates on your life! (:

Soo said...

such a cute kitty! I wish I could have one, but I'm terribly allergic.

and congratulations on acquiring a job, especially one related to your major! I'm jealous. ;)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I hope HQCD doesn't retire! Congrats on the job dear!!! So fast too! hehe.

The cat doesn't even look like 4 years old, she seriously looks like she's still a kitty... probably 1 years old the most to me. I hope you can adopt her in the future! But then again, she's so cute and affectioning, I'm sure someone will want to adopt her soon and give her a loving home. Ewww.. about the poo but at least she learned... really fast o.O I wonder if she was already train by someone and was lost from home...

Kittin said...

congratz on getting a job! =]
the idea of tutorials is great. i'll deff be checking those out

Helen said...

Congratulations on finding a job~!! That's really exciting news :)

I think making tutorials would be a great idea. I always wondered how to make jewelry like yours.

MSodapop said...

Congrats on your new job! ^_^
Aw, I hope you don't stop making pieces, they're so beautiful!

MSodapop said...

aw, i hope you get to adopt the kitty <3

CATHLEEN said...

loving your new pieces.
Congrats for your new job.

rebecca said...

congrats on the job :)