Friday, April 02, 2010

March Reader Appreciation GIveaway Winner! & More =)

Thanks to everyone who drops by and leaves such awesome comments-- you guys are truly the best. I went through the month and pretty much randomly picked a couple of winners-- the prizes are earrings from below:

In honor of Spring =)

PLUS some bling for your phone/camera, whatever =)

Congrats to:
Saving Capulet and London's-beauty

If you gals can email me ( with your full name and shipping addresses, that would be awesome!

Remember, keep dropping by the blog-- leaving a comment will make you eligible to win April's gifts!

Also, Spring Quarter has started for me, and I'm taking 4 BME classes, so the workload is a bit heavy. I'm going to try to keep blogging to once a week.

I've also signed up for classes at the ARC! It's $45 for a whole quarter-- that's a tiny price to pay for getting back in shape. It was "Try Before You Buy" week, and I got to try a bunch of classes-- strength training, cardio and yoga. It's a well rounded program, and the price is for unlimited classes-- yay! Anyone in Davis interested in working out with me? =)

Anyway, some new work =)

Enjoy! I'll talk to you again soon. I'm having a 450-follower giveaway soon!

- Lisa


MeiBelle said...

Congrats to the lovely winners!!! Goodies from HeQi are fan-ta-bulous!

Esther said...

I really like the first pair of earrings! The crown piece is so pretty! The classes sound pretty cool and $45 isn't that much at all. :D

Calia Yang said...

SWEET!! congrats you two!!! loving that crown earring too!! gorgeous!

Rena said...

Enjoy your classes at the ARC! I used to work there! SHHH! Only you and I know that (and whoever reads this)!

<33 Rena

Marie. said...

If I was in Davis I would totally go work out with you! I LOVE Cardio!

Shiseiten said...

Congrats to the winners! I just started going to kendo practices again to get back in shape. I realized just how much I missed working out and having fun. Plus, it's a great stress reliever when you're stressed. =D I like the new threaders! the opal-looking crystals are always so pretty! Good luck this quarter!

izumi said...

love the color of those baroques :D and yay for purple!

Susan said...

Congratulations to the Winners!!! I know they will enjoy the earrings.
Loving your new designs and creativity!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Congrats to the winners! I kind of forgot about the comment giveaway thing... lol.

Ohhhh, bling bling! and those spring flower earrings are niceeee, def. reminds me of Spring. =]

Miss K. You said...

Lisa, you're so generous to your followers! Your earrings are so pretty as usual. I hope your classes treat you nicely this quarter.. will you be graduating at the end of spring?

sincerelystace said...

luckyy winners!!=) i love that purple set and the champagne colored earrings (i dont have pierced ears but still.=)i think they're gorgeous!!) good luck with your classes!! once again, i gotta say it inspires me how you work hard in school and keep up with your designs=) good luck with working out!!!

baby-kk said...

Aww congrats to the winners =D pretty new earrings :)Woohoo Go lisa =) work hard :D

London's-beauty said...

thank you for the earrings and the stickers :) i love it!
love your new work! my favourite is the blue flower one ^^

Pauline said...

those spring earrings reminds me of the earrings i asked you to custom make for me a while back! :)

i like the purple polygon(is it a polygon?) drop crown earrings !

Stacey said...

The earrings with purple crystals and the crowns are gorgeous! Fit for royalty! ;)