Monday, April 19, 2010

Everyday Classic Collection, Quick Post

School is busy busy, which is why I haven't been able to blog as much :(
I've gotten quite a few requests to make a youtube vid to better show off those Triangle bracelets-- will do, as soon as I get the chance, probably this weekend =)

I added to my Everyday Classic collection-- this is a simple collection that features just 1 crystal or pearl or so-- everyone's been asking for a simpler selection, so I hope this is good!

A good friend of mine asked me to make these for his girlfriend-- HE came up with the design! Thanks :D

The Everyday Classic collection has been modeled after the above earrings designed by my friend.

Here's a look:

At $12 a pair, these are VERY affordable, not to mentioned, made with the best sterling silver ear wires!

See those beautiful earrings HERE

Also, bringing back the first type of bracelet I made when I first started making jewelry:

Cute, also only $20 =)

And something new.... and pretty different.
I'm not a fan of a simple strand of pearls, but when I saw these BEAUTIFUl faceted roundelles, I HAD to make a simple, FRICKEN SHINY piece.

The more facets (cuts) a crystal has, the shiner and pricier it is. This is the only all-crystal strand bracelet I've ever made :

You can find out more about the bracelet HERE.

Okay, so that was a SUPER quick post. Keep your eye out for my giveaway coming up! It'll be a big one =)



London's-beauty said...

that bracelet must be expensive! looks lovely. I think the blue and green flower earrings look cute. It must be really nice when reflected under the sunlight

xoladiihoneyxo said...

pretty and simple =]

Susan said...

Love the simplicity of the earrings! Love the pearl and flower bracelet - can be used casually or more formal.

You are amazing balancing school and creating your jewelry.

Anonymous said...

The last clear bracelet is very pretty, clarity is amazing.

London's-beauty said...

Heyy! i nominated you for a sweet blog award :D
check it out :)