Monday, January 30, 2012

One He Qi Resolution reached + Valentine's Earrings: it's not too late!

This is a quick but important post to mark He Qi's progress with becoming a more sustainable company this year.

One of my new year's resolutions for He Qi was to make my packaging BOTH eco-friendly and biodegradable.

After months of research, I've found sources that supply quality, 100% post consumer recycled jewelry boxes and ribbons-- which are also biodegradable in the environment. I'm also now using BIO ZIP zip-lock bags to store your jewelry-- these are eco-friendly and biodegradable as well.

My mailing envelopes are also post-consumer recycled kraft paper. It's a shame I still have to stick with bubble wrap for now...

I'm so proud to be part of a more sustainable community. Fellow artisans who sell your jewelry for a living: I strongly encourage you to look into eco-packaging. You want to make your mark on the world, but in areas where you can make a difference, you should try, you know? I don't think having eco-friendly packaging takes away from your product; in fact, I think it adds more personality to the overall look. Yes, it will be a little pricier. But seriously guys, why be cheap with something so important? Many of us don't realize what a difference all these little things make.

Anyway, I also received these beautiful rare SWAROVSKI stones in 14K gold plated bezels and could not contain my excitement.

Here is the new line of "Lasting Romance"-- in stock and ready to ship, just in time for Valentine's Day!
These are truly exquisite stones.

And all purchases will come with FREE solid perfume samples;  something I will be introducing to He Qi once I get my learning squared out. I like to learn as much about the products I make as I possibly can before selling them. I am not one to sell Swarovski Crystal jewelry when I can't even spell Swarovski. (and yes, I've seen this happen with jewelry makers in the past... sadly... ). So I am taking my time, learning the wonders of perfumery and becoming obsessed with the art. I hope you enjoy these samples; as there will be more to come!

Till next time,


Karen said...

Good for you Lisa! The packaging looks pretty, as well as the heart earrings. Others should take your example -- being eco-conscious is great!

KI said...

LOVE the box. I think it's awesome you're expanding outside jewelry!

- A