Thursday, May 27, 2010

HQCD Clearance Sale + Makeup sale! New items :D

A quick post to say...

It's time for HQCD to really clear out inventory to make room for more, new, better things! If I can't get rid of these things... I can't bring in new products.

Visit the CLEARANCE PAGE for even larger savings.
You'll get a free ::special:: surprise GIFT WITH PURCHASE for your purchase from the clearance section. Use code CLEARUP in the comments section during checkout!

I also added a couple of beauty products HERE. It's a mainly a bunch of things that I can't use right now-- or I have multiples, so I'm selling them for CHEAP. Mainly drugstore makeup, foundations! Such as...

New Items!

Got more threaders in stock:

And a little about the following earring... the flower components you see were handmade from polymer clay-- I bought these in China last summer when I visited. I was in a polymer flower phase last year, and I figured that I should probably use them up now :X

Aren't hands amazing?

And a pair of classic cascades:

I leave you with a photo of Brian and Achilles "cuddling" last night... heee!

See ya,



Stephanie said...

I love those polymer clay earrings. Reminds me of the ones I have from you :) Haha, that pic of Brian is so funny!

London's-beauty said...

the first earring is pretty. the purple colour of the crystal is really rich.
it's amazing that you handmade it.
LOL! i like the last picture too. kitty is so small! :)

ErinBurlingam雅萍 said...

很期待新的內容,幫你推個文^^ .............................................