Sunday, May 16, 2010

Giveaway Reminder, New stuff, and a jumble of thoughts!

Hello Ladies =) (and gents!)

Firstly, this post is going to be quite disorganized and jumbled-- I want to get all of my thoughts down so the order of stuff is going to be all mixed -- hang in there with me!

Hope you all are doing well-- after the busy days at the Whole Earth Festival, my body's a little spent, and I'm pretty exhausted. I had two midterms this week, and have fallen a little behind on my online orders-- I do apologize~ If you need your order faster or something like that, please drop me an email right now:

I also apologize deeply for not being able to read your blogs as I have been able to over the summer-- I'm pretty busy nowadays. I'm thinking that things will slow down the summer, and I can do some major blog catching up... 

BTW, remember the pet duck I mentioned in my previous post? Sarah, the owner of Pippin found my blog, and dropped a comment! She has a Youtube channel of Pippin which you can check out HERE. If if weren't for her, I wouldn't have ever known that it was even possible to keep a duck as a pet. Yay for Pippin, and THANKs, Sarah, for finding me and sharing the link!

And a hello to all my new follows! Thanks for your interest in my .... little piece of life =)

I want to do an inventory clear out soon. I sold oodles of stuff at Whole Earth, but in order to keep bringing in new designs, I need to get rid of my old inventory. This means the clearance section of my store will soon be STOCKED UP (probably over the next two weeks or so). I'll TWEET about it when that happens...

I also wanted to take a quick moment to thank all of you who drop by-- and a big shout out to those who have known me since the Soompi days! Your support means so much to me, and everyday I think about how lucky I am to have such a strong group of admirers. You guys make my day.

Also, a gentle reminder:
I'm slowly transitioning my prices to include Free World Wide (first class) shipping. If you see a listing that hasn't been updated, please give me an email to let me know. I don't expect the changes to go into full effect until about a week or so later. Also, prices will be raised no more than $1.50 for any piece, and most pieces have not raised in price-- so it's a win-win situation, I get the convenience of not dealing with extra little fees to consider, and you get a discount. Keep in mind boxes, packaging, time and gas all cost money! However, all CA residents are still responsible for paying sales tax, sorry! It's all a part of purchasing from a legit company =)

I made these piece a couple of weeks ago for the HK addicts :P
I didn't get a chance to take photos of it till now =)

Found these charms in the "Sanrio" section at the UCD bookstore... lol :X

Two new Super Novas!

This particular one is a Montana Sapphire Crystal-- unique, but comes as a button. So it has a hole through it, but very un-noticeable. I couldn't help but use it because of the beautiful, unique color!

And a clear one, with AB crystals on the outside. I find this one to be surprisingly shiny. The clear crystal has a silver backing on it, so it actually reflects tons of light.

It's a shame that clear is so hard to capture on camera :X

Revised my two remaining triangle lux bracelets.
I think the two hearts give them something extra.... extra cute =)

Emerald Goddess:

Black and Gold:

I love these earrings!
The sterling silver leaf posts really make these beautiful:

Ballerina earrings =)

I found my last CZ bows, so here's the LAST PAIR of these earrings:

And also the last pair of faeries:

Both of these above are available at a special price on the website!

Some Eiffel Towers I made, not as elaborate as the old version:

And lastly, a new signature piece-- beaded crystal ball drops!
I still need a formal name for these... "ball drops" just don't sound appealing... these are classy!

^ I think these are my new favorites... darn, I keep having new favorites. I wore them to the bars on Friday night, and have continued to wear them. Honestly, they match everything, and stay on well. I even slept with them on, and slept ON them for a good part of the night... and no problems because they're triple beaded for extra durability =)

Many colors for you to choose from =)

BTW, don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!

till next time,


Crystal.S said...

I love the new Eiffel Towers!
How about berry drops or cosmo drops?

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Pretty jewelry! Yeah, seems easier than way so no need to deal with the little fees (besides CA tax).

Tammy said...

Aw the ballerina ones are cute!

Jamie said...

YAAYYYY! Love, love, love your stuff, Lisa!

I keep saying I'll make a purchase soon and I will! This quarter is just getting a bit crazy. I'll definitely spoil myself after finals lol, if not sooner.

Pop Champagne said...

hey hope you're doing well, haven't heard from you in a while! wow I really like the cluster earrings! Can't wait to hear about your sale :D

London's-beauty said...

wow so many beautiful jewelleries. x)
the ballerina earrings are pretty ^___^ and I heart the supernova 'clear crystal' necklace :) i lovee shiny things. It must look beautiful

Pauline said...

the clear supernova necklace is stunning!

love the beaded ball earrings :)

InsideOut Elle said...

The beaded balls remind me 'dragon tears' for some reason...from different colored dragons of course xD

Marie. said...

Ahhh I'm loving the leaf and the faerie earrings! I've been super obsessed with faerie books lately (I'm reading the Wicked Lovely series) and those earrings scream it!

The Hello Kitty bracelet is cute too :)

Marie. said...

Ahhh I'm loving the leaf and the faerie earrings! I've been super obsessed with faerie books lately (I'm reading the Wicked Lovely series) and those earrings scream it!

The Hello Kitty bracelet is cute too :)

heartofpearl ♡ said...

loving the saphire one looks so dark and mysterious!! also love the black and gold bracelet! x