Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My GINORMOUS ($100) CVS Haul = free goodies + New HQCD !

My good friend, Jessica (who's also a new HQCD model, she'll be officially introduced on this blog soon!), notified me of a CVS makeup clearance! Select items are 75% off.

I went NUTS. And bought almost $100 worth of stuff (though... it would have originally cost $400!)

Here's my loot:

I'm a huge fan of Eco Makeup-- which is why you see so much GREEN!!
Guess what this means?
I HAVE TONS OF GIVEAWAY ITEMS!!! I love passing on goodies to you girls ;)

Anyone who makes a purchase of over $25 will get a FREE Full Size random beauty freebie!
Use code: LMUWCVS!!!  
[While supplies last, so get them quick!]

And some new HQCD!

^ I've had a purple version--- and I've been asked to make a white/cream version for wearing with everything =)

My first wavy pearl bracelet:

These are so, SO beautiful. Curvy pearls are so, SO feminine!
Honestly, photos do this piece no justice.
I made one for myself to keep, I like them so much. I'm usually not a bracelet gal (I work with my hands too much) BUT YET I'll still find a way to wear this bracelet!
You'll definitely be seeing more of these in the future.

Super playful earrings, GOLD!

More jewelry is in the works. I've been so busy! It feels like every moment is filled with doing something.

Contact me:

Hope you enjoyed this quick update!
- Lisa


adin_22 said...

Wow...That's a lot of makeup....I just got from CVS too...but I only got 3 items...

~Lisa said...

Wow! That's alot of makeup!! If Canada had sales like that I would go nuts too =[ But we never have such great sales. Sucks...

MeiBelle said...

it's hard not to go nuts when buying from CVS now that they have this massive sale! I know what u mean. Btw I love the earrings and that pearl and butterfly bracelet!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Great haul! Love the jewelry pieces, I love them all! =]

Calia Yang said...

ooh!!! awesome haul!!! ALSO -love the new pieces!

Angela said...

so much makeup o.o lol i would never buy that much at once... can't wait to get your package! =]

Stacey C. said...

*jaw drop* hey lisa, you should check out they're having a crazy sales right now!
And yay for giveaway! I'm totally being drawn into the first earring ><;; it's a bit soon to buy again. School starts soon, need to save money for books :'(

With Love, Elle said...

oo i luv the pearl one! im soo into pearl this year, do u think its the 2010 fad?

xoxo elle

eki said...

haha what a haul XD too bad I dont live near CVS :/

All you new creations are so pretty! Love your color choices <3<3

Anonymous said...


Jess ♡ said...

I have NEVER SEEN SO MUCH MAKE UP IN MY LIFE. Clearly CVS needs to move up to Canada as well... ;) I'm loving the pink gold and green earrings! Super cute <3 The pearl bracelets are super adorable as well xo!

Elle said...

shucks i jst placed an order a few days ago... guess i won't be getting any freebies >.<


viickietoria said...

dayumm. you got great deals! <3ing the jewelry.

April said...

OMG please tell me this sale is still going on!!!

a.z.♥ said...

omgosh lisa! You changed the layout! Such a mind trip because it's the same layout I use for my personal blog haha.

Dannnggg girl $200bucks!? Hey at least you know you only paid 25% of what you would normally pay haha. Your CVS looks like it has better stuff than mine. I went looking for the revlon active stuff, nope nothing there :/