Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti Donation,Beauty Reviews, New Items, Valentine Exclusive (Hand Stamped Jewelry)

This is going to be a lonnnnnnnnnnng entry-- please bear with me!

Haiti Relief Update
I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has made a purchase in the last week! Together, including my own contribution, we have gathered a total of $33.80 towards the Haiti Relief donation that I'm making from now till the 30th! Let us continue helping this cause, and make this number bigger. Together, we can make a larger contribution on the 30th!

In other news, I wanted to talk about some primers that I've been using.

A couple months ago, I bought the Makeup Forever's HD Primer from Sephora ($34!) I had a sample of this from being a Beauty Insider, but then, I decided that if I was going to start wearing mineral makeup, I need a primer to prevent my skin from drying out! I like it because it kept my face relatively moisturized and primed for use before Bare Minerals.

Last week during the CVS super 75% off clearance, I decided to buy the Revlon Age Defying instant firming face primer.
It was only $3.80 ish? WHAT A STEAL.

The Verdict:
I'm definitely sticking to the Revlon. My friend JESS thinks that it smells funny, but the only thing I smell is... maybe slightly... alcohol? I can't really explain it. I actually feel that the revlon keep my face more moist for longer. If the whole point of the primer was to make it so that your makeup lasts all day without your face drying out (dryness is my WORST skin issue), then the Revlon gets the job done (better!) than the HD primer! Does anyone want my remaining (about 2/3 full) of my HD primer?


On a note of jewelry...

Holy crap, I can't believe that my GIVEAWAY has been up for only a week or so, and already over 200 entries? Thanks so much for your support!

Many of you know that I like offering you unique styles you can't see anywhere else-- that's what makes HQCD different from others, right? I've really been stretching my resources-- looking for MORE suppliers from all around the world and getting access to new and different findings.

I enjoy making jewelry which takes actual craftsmanship-- wire wrapping, pairing of colors, themes and different types of elements. So I've been trying much harder lately to differentiate myself from the gazillion other people who make jewelry, and came up with a couple of unique pieces I think you'll enjoy. That being said, I also know everyone has different tastes in jewelry-- a lot of people have asked me to make pendant necklaces. Though I'd LOVE to satisfy your requests, I must clarify that pendant jewelry is not what HQCD does, unfortunately. And I know that I can't possibly satisfy everyone, as much as I'd like to.
If you like pendant jewelry, there are plenty of other jewelry artisans out there who make beautiful pendant jewelry!

A piece that's truly unique, and I think really brings out my style:

Aside from the materials of the piece being great quality (pretty much all 14K gold filled!), this piece took a lot of planning and working with to get just right. Every little details adds to the bigger picture.

Such beautiful, UNIQUE wings are hard to find!

Many of the girls who've followed me a while know I started out making ONLY silver jewelry because I'm not a fan of gold, but day by day, my love for gold grows. I see how beautiful and versatile it can be.

Introducing, Pink Curtains;

Jen has a pair of an older version of these earrings, with Moonlight hearts on them HERE. I've made a few changes, and brightened it up a little with more SWAROVSKI shapes, and more dramatic, feminine colors.

And of course, my cluster phase continues..

A recent custom order I did for Stacey.
She saw a similar pair in my photo album (link on the side bar), and we worked together to create a similar piece

^ These will be available soon, in more colors!

And another recent custom order:

Lariats! I've only done about 5 so far in the history of HQCD :X

Back in stock for HQCD:

Another color theme!

^ I actually love this one. SUPER girly! Only ONE available.

Two new earrings;

This one's color is officially called "Purple Haze" by SWAROVSKI, but... it doesn't look entirely purple. It's purple with copper tones. Beautiful and mesmerizing either way.

What's to come in the future, for HQCD?
A little while back, Steph from Julu Jewelry (who also has really UNIQUE jewelry, visit her shop!) started making little "JJ" stamped beads (tags? I'm not quite sure :X) to go with all of her necklaces. This inspired me to make some customized hand stamped jewelry that YOU can personalize!
I'd like your thoughts on PERSONALIZED handstamped jewelry with SWAROVSKI elements on sterling silver. Here's an example of what I've done so far:

Metal stamping takes practice to get right. I'm still working on it :X.
This one says "Addicted to your love". It's the HQCD Valentine Exclusive. Only $23! With YOUR personalized message! Buy it HERE.
It'll come with your choice of.. well... anything, really. If there's a lot of interest, I'll include other shapes. But firstly, I need your thoughts! These can be necklaces, bracelets, charms, whatever! And goes well with birthstones.

Last, please help spread the word about HQCD! Feel free to link to the banner below:

** General note:
Due to my classes being... pretty intense this quarter, I'm going to probably end up doing 1 giant entry per week! I'll still be dropping by everyone's blogs to read, though! If you leave a comment here, I'm definitely get back to you within the next week

- Lisa  > Please don't hesitate to contact me for custom order, or future ideas and comments for improvement!
Come take a look at my SHOP.
Valentine's day is coming up, and these make great gifts!


Stacey C. said...

oh man i just finish reading that lisa but it was bearable :)

I see my lariat necklace and earrings! Can't wait to wear it!
The earring will match the custom bracelet you made the yellow/green one haha. How awesome is that?

I think the handstamped/personalizing metal might look nicer as a charm bracelet maybe? just a suggestion. But I do know how it use to be or might still be popular for guys and girls to be getting couply stuff like that, the whole initial or establishment date right? So Maybe it would be a great gift as a bracelet/necklace.

Im thinking about if I should get the curtain earrings...-_- they're so pretty in pink. DEAR GOD *refrain self* need to save money for books first lol. BUT YOU WILL HEAR FROM ME!

Lots of love<3

Miss K. You said...

Is it just me or are your pieces becoming more and more original and gorrgeous!! I think I should start wearing earrings again.. Good luck with upcoming midterms Lisa!

Blair said...

I loveee your pieces! They're gorgeous especially the first pair :)

PixyEla said...

I love the first pair of earrings!!!! They are gorgeous Lisa!!! :)

Zoe said...

I love all the jewelries u make, they are really pretty..I am saving up to buy the earings I love from ur store^^

Stephanie said...

your designs really are very unique! love em! we all know you've got skillz!

I feel like minerals dry my skin out too. But I'm amazed that the Revlon is better than the mufe! if no one is interested in your primer... you know where to find me!

Lilly G said...

Love the new piece (Magick in the Garden), very unique indeed. :)

Pauline said...

I like the metal stamping! I've seen other people making metal stamping jewelry, but they all look plain. I think the swarovski completes the look. I just might end up getting one next time :D

Btw Lisa, good news and bad news.
Good news: I received the order today (currently eating the lollipop, lol) AND OOMGGG. IM IN LOVE. I can't wait to wear them :D Going to wear a different one each day this week!
Bad news: It was really windy and rainy this morning and the wind blew one of my earrings away that I bought from you awhile back T_T Do get back to me if you can make another one for me!

Good luck on your classes (and jewelry making) :D:D

Ushishi said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog :) i think it's wonderful what your doing as a donation, and your jewelery is very pretty ! it makes me with i had piercings for earrings :(