Friday, January 15, 2010

10% of all HQCD proceeds will to towards Haiti Relief & EyeCurl & New Pieces

Most of you are well aware of the recent catastrophic earthquake that affected Haiti on January 12, 2010.

In order to lend a helping hand to the victims of the Earthquake, I've decided that 10% of proceeds of ALL orders I get between now and Jan. 30, 2010, will go to
This means that 10% of my profit (excluding materials cost and S/H) will be donated to the cause.  Donations will be made on a weekly basis until the end of the month, and receipts will be posted here. First donation (if I get any sales) will be made the coming Monday.
EVERY SINGLE ITEM (yes, even beauty items!) that's for sale in my SHOP will be included in this event!

Other ways to help:
Text “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross. The amount will be charged on your next phone bill.

If you guys could help spread the word about this event, I'd appreciate it!

And on the note of beauty, I wanted to do a product rave.
It's about the Eye Curl heated Eyelash curler that I'm selling on my site. I bought one for myself a few weeks ago, and picked up a few extras to share. 

I admit, I'm obsessed over having long, curly lashes. But the one problem I have is that only my left eye's lashes stay curled-- the right side curls for a bit after using a curler, but falls straight within a matter of... well. a couple minutes if I'm wearing mascara.

In high school, I came across the Eye Curl. It lasted me a year, before I dropped it on my hardwood floor. Since then, I haven't really used an Eye Curl, since I had mine shipped from HK. It was a hassle, I figured that other eyelash curlers would be about the same.


In the last 4 ish years, I've been experiment with TONS of different manual curlers. Anything from Revlon, to ELF, to Shu Uemura (my latest). The best, out of them, was the Shu, which as lasted me months without much complaints. But, the Shu still didn't solve the issue of my RIGHT EYE's stubborn lashes. They still fell, within MINUTES. It was frustrating!
And then.. I decided I really wanted the Eye Curl back. I know a lot of people don't even notice that my lashes aren't curled or what not, but I personally do.

Here are my results:

- Holds curl all day
- Heats up quickly
- Easy to use
The bottom line: Does its job well.
- The cap sucks. But I don't use it anyway, so I guess it doesn't really matter (and you don't need it, either)
- Dropping it, as with any electronic device, could (and probably will) break it
- You need to clean if after every use to prevent build up.
The bottom line: There's some maintenance involved. Slightly more than a manual curler.

Would I buy another one if this one broke?

Moving on to Jewelry!
New work =)

An Avatar inspired piece! Features some colors and themes from the planet Pandora.

The cluster obsession continues...

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xoladiihoneyxo said...

OMG. I love all of them! Especially the necklace that was inspired by Avatar.

That's nice of you to donate 10% of everything to help Haiti. I'm in ODW and last year, we helped them so we're still helping them even though we're suppose to focus on a different project. hehe.

I'm glad you like the eye curl heated eyelash curler =] One of my friend has long lashes (she's white) but her lashes doesn't stay curl and it worked for her. She's been repurchasing if she needs to for a couple years now =]

rae630 said...

Hello, my dear!!! So nice of you to donate! So, I do have a liner to give you. It is a Korean brand Laneige Extra Easy Eyeliner in black. I've been using this liner for 10 years now. Its my constant. I will have it out in the mail to you by monday!! <3 Rina

WendiiE said...

I love your new pieces!!
I also have the same problem with my lashes, my left eye's lashes stay curled and my right become straight. I should try your heated eyelash curler. =]

audrey said...

wow i'm so impressed by your new pieces :) they are absolutely gorgeous and the colours so beautiful together :)

have a great week end :)


Jess ♡ said...

The Avatar necklace is gorgeous, I would KILL FOR IT. Oh, and the eiffel towers?! SO CHIC :) I love your coordinating abilities... <3 That eye curl works so well for you! I'm jealous of how long and natural your lashes look xo

Calia Yang said...


Also - you're going such a great thing in giving 10% to the!!! it's such a sad event - but hopefully everyone around the world is donating to help them get back on their feet!

Xandra Pham said...

Hi! You asked me how the shampoo actually works right? I don't know how to comment you back, I tried to figure it out all the time (took me days for it lol), so I just put my reply here..

The shampoo is for people with hair loss, it gives the hair more volume and gives more vitamin B. It works well, I must say.
But there are cons; it's certainly more difficult to brush your hair. (: goodluck!

Calia Yang said...

forgot to thank you for the tip on the business cards hehehe ^_~

Tammy said...

Aww the Eiffel Tower reminds me of something Sex and the City jewellery will come out with!

I always wanted to try a heated eyelash curler but I'm afraid it'll damage my lashes, how is this one?

I'm actually more of a cool toned girl ^^ This is probably one of only three palettes that I have that are brown/warm. How much does CVS sell the Maybelline palettes for??? Ooh I've never done a swap before! Are there things over this side of the border you can't find?

Stacey C. said...

Wow you watched Avatar?! wasn't it just a great love story movie w/ action<3

Im totally digging the spring color and the pandora theme of colors. And woo for helping Haiti!

Manju said...

hey there!

oh my! that first avatar inspired necklace and the matching earrings are <3333 so so pretty!!

you're going to LOVE the madeleines from that recipe! so easy peasy to make and so so delicious! ;D

p.s. thanks for following ^_^


Noriki said...

wow so colorful & beautiful --->avatar necklaces xD
ive already made my purchase on your site ^___^
I also need to try that eye curler! lol

Jbreezybaby said...

awww the necklaces are soo pretty! that is very sweet of you to donate some money to the earthquake victims!

Unlimited thai ice tea?! woooot... sounds like heaven to me! :)

Pop Champagne said...

woww your earring pieces are really beautiful! I like the avatar inspired necklace a lot! And mmm unlimited thai ice tea, I'm SOLD!

I'm looking to get a eyelash curler too, I haven't found one in drugstores here yet though -_- it seems better than the usuall curler!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa! Thanks for leaving a comment. ;) Your jewelry designs are AMAZING! I can only hope to create a piece that's half as good as yours! lol. :P

BunnyliciouS said...

WOW! You're so talented! Everything pretty! I like the first necklace and the matching earrings the most!