Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Goodies + Sewn Goodies : GIVEAWAY! :)

SooOOoOOoO I was able to get a surprising about of crafting done :) I was able to make more earrings:

And... a couple of pouches that I am happy enough to put up for sale..... the prices are so low because these are "prototypes" and are not "perfect".

The first is a little rectangle pouch:

Perfect for gals who want to store their pads on the go (keeps it separated in your purse from all the other stuff), or for some small  travel.
I AM GIVING THIS POUCH AWAY TO ONE READER-- just comment on this post with any SEWING projects you'd like to see in the future :), yes, it's that easy. My plan for the future goes away from pouches-- I've also sewn cat collars for my cats, and I'm thinking of making wristlets, pencil cases, brush rolls-- and you can tell me what else :)

And... the first pouch up for sale is this boxy pouch:

Okay, that's it for today. Talk to you soon.

ooOo also, look what's back in stock:

A variation of the Rockstar Angel cuff set :)

And eye candy, a custom set for Joanne:



London's-beauty said...

A hat would be something nice ^^ Or a dress :)

hana said...

idk why but that pouch just screams storage for my ecotools brushes at me XD Must be the leafy designs.

I think I would like to see brush rolls. And cute girlish laptop sleeves? :D

AznGirl123 said...

I really like those pouches. They are so cute! I think pencil bags would be awesome; especially ones with a lot of pockets. I see them a lot in Asia, but they usually have only one or two pockets where I live. I think tote bags would be cute as well!

Hadia said...

Wow u have already got so much on ur list, how about hand gloves, they look pretty cute in winter.

Joanne said...

I would love to see some cat toys and a travel cosmetic organizer.. :)

I am planning on learning how to sew myself so I can start making my own clothes.. LOL

CATHLEEN said...

wow your jewelry making is flawless as well as your sewing. I would love to see you make headbands. I loved the ones you created before. Or tote bags would be nice as well.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Yours turn out so much better than the first ones I made. lol. I'm so lazy for ages now to make those... you kind of make me want to get back into it. I like it a lot. Maybe you can make something and add a piece of your jewelry like... cell-phone charms? That's what I use the cell-phone charms for... decorate other things like on a backpack or flash drive. Maybe you can make something for laptops. Have you thought about stitching? I'm interested in all the things you listed! Clothes are easy to make once you get the basic and build up the knowledge... what about pjs? Those are the easiest to make. Extremely easy and you can get a little more into it by making your own buttons, etc. Some of mines actually have swarovski crystals on them. The majority of my pjs are all made by hand (except maybe the fabrics since I buy those and the thread. teehee).

Jewelz said...

I would love it if you made some brush rolls. Also, I saw someone's comment about headbands, I would be interested in those too.. even scarves! Thank you. Your jewelry is GORGEOUS!

rhaindropz said...

brush rolls ^_^ headpieces ^_^