Sunday, August 28, 2011

New goodies + Life update!

I do apologize for my lack of posts-- I see more coming, since I'm officially DONE moving to my new apartment now, yay! And now begins the process of putting everything away :X

Brian and I are trying to get Kratos and Loki leash trained (it'll just make traveling and... pretty much everything easier) ... so here are a few photos from our adventure this morning :)

Loki got himself stuck in the bush. Dad had to help him out, while Kratos watched, lol.

And these are just random shots of them from the week..:

Loki always has this.... stupid look on his face. lol

Why are paws so cute?

And some goodies I've been working on, all available HERE.

(Loki sees you...)

All pouches are still "prototypes".... so they're going for much lower than regular :)
Pouches are generally pretty easy to start with for beginning sewing, I think. Once I have more expertise, I wil l start dabbling into other things :)

I will be back with more news mid-week ish :)

Talk to you soon!


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xoladiihoneyxo said...

They are so adorable! Have fun putting things away and in place... lol. Took me awhile. I don't know why paws are so adorable either!!

I was doing laundry and just have another suggestion for you... laundry bags!!! My mom always make a lot at our house. Different size, and ways of handles, depending how much weight it can carry, etc. You should think about it. Its wicked simple.