Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gift: Maccha Kit Kats, Store updates :) PF coupon

Hi all! As graduation is getting closer, I find myself spending more and more time online, job hunting! I'm trying to find an entry-level position in the biomedical devices field (putting that BME degree to use!)-- holler at me if you've got connections, haha :)

Anyway, I was able to hoard some more Maccha Kit Kats... so I thought that the best way to show you my love and appreciation was to give em out with qualified purchases:

Until supplies last! I have about 40 pcs to give away.

Updated the store with a couple versions of these feather earrings:

Only ONE PAIR left.

And another feather pair..

These are one of a kind ^

And some more sparklies!

I haven't been updating the store/this blog as much as I've wanted to-- the last stretch of classes and job searching is.. extremely time consuming. I have so much I'd love to share with you all-- food, goodies, workout routine (as of now LACK of work out, lol).

I'll leave you today with a Physician's Formula $5 off coupon:
It's an AWESOME deal-- especially if you have a CVS around you. You can buy any 2 PF products, get $10 off, plus get an additional $3 extrabucks to use on your next visit. It's kinda awesome. I went in and bought the Eye Booster eyeliner (comparable to Dolly Wink's eyeliner, which is harder to get a hold of, but I LOVEEEEEE), and a mascara. So far, I've used them both once, and have been pleasantly surprised.

Are YOU graduating this spring? What are you plans for the future? Grad school? Job? What kind of job?
I AM curious to hear about it :)



~Lisa said...

Good luck job hunting!!! 

And oh my! I looove matcha and i love kitkats! ︿︿ perfect combo! I must find some of this to try!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I was suppose to graduate this Spring since I was in an accelerated program but I won't be till next year or so but I'll be going further into the education so long time till I'm done! I'll probably do some stuff on the side ;] Do you have any idea what kind of degree or license I need for laser hair removal?

I hope you get a job soon dear! Oh weee, love those jewelry pieces and thanks for the coupon! So far, what do you think of the PF eyeliner? Stephanie told me to get it but I haven't worn eyeliner for so long because I don't like dealing with it mid-day. It claims to make your eyelashes longer (or fuller) right? How is that so far? I may or may not buy it tomorrow. lol. I cannot guarantee it c[=

rebecca said...

hahaha whaa green kitkat? XD
I'm 15 and i'm going into "sixth form" next year.
I'd like a summer job/weekend job but I don't really know where to start/look for one!

London's-beauty said...

omgosh kitkat!! Yumm, I won a mini one from a giveaway and it was niceeee. ^_^ there are so many flavours, I will need to try them all.

All the best of luck on finding a job. :)) xx