Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poppin Cookin at the Inconvenient Store, Spring GIVEAWAY

So.. I'm not sure how many of you have heard of Poppin Cookin? (lol).
Basically, it's an edible candy... but you put it together yourself. And of course, it's Japanese :)
I got my hands on one of these babies through EBAY.

First, here's a Youtube video of how it's done:

And here were MY attempts... it's undeniable that I was much less patient and meticulous.
Please excuse the quality of these photos, since they were taken with my phone :X

My friend Jess and I went to the Inconvenient Store in Davis to hang out, and do our Poppin Cookin. It seemed like the perfect setting, since the Inconvenient Store sells Asian snacks-- if this product was awesome enough, chances are Charlie & Raymond (the owners, UCD Alumni!) will stock it. If you're in the Davis area, drop by, let them know Lisa sent you. They're extremely attentive owners, and they love to make their customers happy, so if you've got an Asian product you'd like to see them stock, let them know and they'll try to get it for you :). Prices are extremely reasonable, considering that a lot of their products are from Japan, and all Japan goods are increasing in price. Currently, they're CASH only, but they're working on accepting cards soon.

Here's a shot of Jess inside the inconvenient store-- check out the cute wallpaper, haha

Opened up Poppin Cookin..

All laid out pretty and organized :)

The results...

So cute, so small.

Overall thoughts about Poppin Cookin: I don't think I have to patience to make it as perfect as the Youtuber did, lol. Our piping bag also came WITHOUT the separation down the middle, which mean that we had to mix the creams together, instead of keeping them separate, boo! Also, I'm not sure what the texture of the candy is supposed to be after it "sets" ... but... it tasted AWFUL. Kind of like what you'd expect uhh silicon, plastic and packing peanuts to taste like x_x. Epic fail on the taste part. All in all, this is a novelty product-- I only purchased it because the idea was so cool, not really to actually eat it. Anyone else tried Poppin Cookin? What're your thoughts?

I'm also on a headband making binge... though this one is not very mature.... more for little girls, lol

Many gals have emailed me requesting feather earrings, so here they are! All of them are OOAK, sorry :(


To give a general idea of how big these earrings are:

And of course, a spring pair, because I'm addicted to making Spring themed jewelry :X

Lastly... I haven't had a giveaway in a while, so here's one, in celebration of Spring and awesome weather!

The prize:

- He Qi Crystal Design's Black Feather Earrings
-2 Japanese Kit Kats: Maccha, and Maccha Latte
- 3 pcs. Japanese strawberry candy
- 3 face masks: 2 beauty friends in pomegranate & Cucumber, 1 Yardley's face/body clay mask
NOT PICTURE: $25 USD to spend at www.shopheqi.com :)

Giveaway Rules:
- Must be a follower of this blog
- Must be 18+ or have guardian permission to enter
- Open to residents world wide
ENDS: April 30, 2011

To earn your first entry: leave a comment on this post, with your name, location, and the link of the item you're most likely to purchase from my website
Please make a NEW COMMENT for each additional entry!
For +1 additional entry: tell someone else about He Qi Crystal Designs: I can't check you on this, so I'll take your word for it :)
For +1 additional entry: be a follower of my Twitter
For +1 additional entry: be a Facebook fan!
For +1 additional entry: Spread the word about this giveaway, and leave the link here!
For +1 additional entry: Leave a NEW review in my shop for an item you've purchase (reviews from prior to April 12, 2011 do NOT count) (Please only review items you've purchased... how can you review something which you have not purchased?)
For +5 additional entries: by making a purchase between now (April 12, 2011) and (April 30, 2011), post your order number here!
For +5 additional entries: make a youtube video spreading the word about this giveaway! be creative =)



Elisa ♥ said...

thank you for this lovely giveaway !!

Name: Elisa
Location: The Netherlands
Link to item: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/rockstar-angel-necklace
facebookfan: Elisa Lee
twitter: ElisaLee_
Ofcourse i'm going to spread the word =D !!

helen said...

The feather earrings are gorgeous!

Name: Helen
Locaton: Socal
Link to item: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/the-serene-calla-earrings
facebook fan: Helen Lee

grace said...

The candy kit is so cute!!
I don't know if I would have the patience to make my own candy haha
I'm really loving your feather earrings, especially the turquoise ones!!
Besides the feather earrings, I would purchase the rockstar princess cluster bracelet http://www.shopheqi.com/product/rockstar-princess-cluster-bracelet

thanks for the giveaway!! :]

name: Grace
Location: Colorado, USA
blog: gracekimchee.blogspot.com
twitter: gracekimchi
facebook fan: Grace Kim

Amanda said...

To earn your first entry: leave a comment on this post, with your name, location, and the link of the item you're most likely to purchase from my website

Name: Amanda
Location: South Korea (but a US citizen)
Link: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/ooak-turquoise-feather-earrings - I love your new feather earrings!

+1 I told my friend Rachel about your site. She's looking to buy new jewelry. :)
+1 I am a Twitter follower. @importedmegami
+1 I am a Facebook Fan.
+1 I spread the word about your giveaway by Tweeting about it here: http://twitter.com/#!/importedmegami/status/57956968962334720

London's-beauty said...
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London's-beauty said...

I'm Huong Lee ^__^
Location: U.K
I love the star necklace.!

London's-beauty said...

-I told my sis about it, she might help me get the star!!^____________^

London's-beauty said...

-Am a follower of your twitter. Username: londons_beauty

London's-beauty said...

-I'm a facebook fan! Under the name "Miyoko's shop" My friend and i sell stuff under that shop :]

London's-beauty said...

-I linked your giveaway on my sidebar. http://londons-boutique.blogspot.com/

omygosh fingers crossed! I'd die/dive for your jewelleries! ^____________^

Kym said...

That Poppin Cookin looks very interesting... though i imagined the taste would be not so great, just like you mentioned! haha! and the "inconvenient store" hahaha what a great name! :P

Great giveaway! Please count me in:

Name: Kym
Location: Canada
Love: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/rockstar-princess-cluster-bracelet


petitechouxx said...

name: Thy
location: Canada
link: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/my-volcanic-romance-necklace

thanks for the giveaway!

Cindii said...

Ahh, I need to check out that store. Why does a cool place open up right after I leave?!

Name: Cindy
Location: California
Link: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/washi-chiyogami-columns-white-flowers-on-red-1

PikaShel said...

Shelley, NY and I'd like to buy this http://www.shopheqi.com/product/wings-of-an-angel-necklace

PikaShel said...

A classmate said she liked my earrings so I told her about your site!

PikaShel said...

Already a twitter follower (@pikashel)

PikaShel said...

Already a FB fan! (Shelley Naobun)

Kittenhayley said...

Hi :D
I love the giveaway!!
I've been wanting to try the Maccha kitkats so so much
The next piece I want to buy from HeQi Crystal Designs is the Blue Morpho Butterfly cuff earring set when it's back in stock - so beautiful!!http://www.shopheqi.com/product/the-blue-morpho-butterfly-cuff-set

Kittenhayley said...

Forgot to add -
Name: Hayley
Location: Texas

I told my sisters about your jewlery and they have also seen how beautiful it is first hand because they borrowed pieces from me for Homecoming and Prom :)
I also told them to pass on the name HeQi Crystals to anyone who complimented their jewelry

Kittenhayley said...

Hi again
I follow you on Twitter
(cause I want to be updated on all your OOAK pieces first ;)
my twitter name is kittenhayley

Kittenhayley said...

I'm posting my order number for the Black feather earrings I just bought - I'm so excited - and another clay face mask

Order# 1529

Kittenhayley said...

Posted a new review from my purchase last week on Romantic Pear Drops...Love them so much

Kittenhayley said...

Made another review for the clay facial masks
They are so awesome - Try Them !!

Kittenhayley said...

And my last review and entry for the day...
I made a review on the pressed eyeshadows. I received a sample of them and had to spread the word about how much I am in love with them - they are crazy amazingly good eyeshadows

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I think your feather earrings are quite nice, especially since its in now =] The headband does look like a little girl's headband but its still cute! I'm going to skip on this giveaway so don't include me!

Kittin said...

=] hopefully your school work is almost done!

Pittsburgh area for college. I'm from Philly though.
my favorite item at the moment is http://www.shopheqi.com/product/white-jade-carved-flower-earrings

Kittin said...

I told my boyfriend about it, he's a little clueless on jewelry. hopefully he'll pick up the hint and buy me something =]

Kittin said...

I follow you on Twitter

Kittin said...

I liked the facebook page
Angela. i commented about restocking one of the cartilage earrings before

rebecca said...

name: Rebecca
location: UK
link of item: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/ooak-black-feather-earrings

except they're out of stock :/
ive been looking for feather earrings for some time now! and i was really sad when you stopped selling Jen's feather earrings!! :'(
this is an awesome giveaway btw. best ive seen in ages ive always wanted a poppin cookin thing! im waiting for summer to get some from HK!

rebecca said...

I'm following you on twitter as "winnyee"

rebecca said...

I liked the facebook page as "Rebecca Ho"

rebecca said...

I told my awesome friend annabelle about your shop - you'll probably see her enter this giveaway soon :P

rebecca said...

I tweeted about this giveaway here:


yukiko said...

thank for this generous giveaway, i especially love the earrings!


Name:Emily Ho
Location: London, England

yukiko said...

Following your blog : yukiko

yukiko said...

following you on twitter


yukiko said...

liked on facebook : domo-kun

yukiko said...

i've told my sister Rebecca about this and she's was loving the earrings so much!

yukiko said...

Tweeted about your giveaway

Vanity-Fashionista said...

I think I've seen all the poppin cookin videos from that youtuber lol, it's really cool! XD

Thank you for this great giveaway!

Vicky, UK.
I would purchase this necklace: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/wings-of-an-angel-necklace.
Will tell the bestie about your shop! :)
Twitter follower: @vanityfashionis
Facebook: Vicky Ly


Hadia said...

Hi Awesome giveaway
Name: Hadia Salahuddin
Location: Pakistan
link of the item I'm most likely to purchase from ur website: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/moonlight-hearts
Following u on twitter via HadyaS
Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/HadyaS/status/58221580555272192
Following u on fb via Hadia Salahuddin
ID: hadia_salahuddin[at]hotmail[dot]com


Jessica said...

i love all you're jewelery!! so cute (L)

Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

Name: Jessica Ho
Location: Canada
Link: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/kawaii-lollis


Jessica said...

FacebookFan: Jessica Tran-Ho

Jessica said...

Twitter: Kaisterlove :]

Jessica said...

And told my cousin about HeQi! she agrees that it is awesome (Y)

Tina said...

Hi, Lisa! :) Thanks for the giveaway!
My name's Christina. I reside in New York, and I'm most likely going to purchase http://www.shopheqi.com/product/silver-night-grizzly-feather-dangles

They're cool looking =)

Tina said...

C: Just made a purchase. Order # 1533.

Tina said...

Twitter: icee_x0


Tina said...

^^ Facebook fan - Christina Ye

lena luong said...

NAME: Lena Luong
LOCATION: Orange County, California
LINK MOST LIKELY TO PURCHASE: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/plumeria-keepsake

lena luong said...

Made a Purchase : Order #1534

lena luong said...

Facebook fan : Lena Luong

lena luong said...

Twitter follower: lenaluong

lena luong said...

Posted a review for CZ Crown & Pearl Studs.

Sarah said...

Sarah Sakamoto from SoCal :D

if these were still available, i would've snatched them up in a heartbeat!

Sarah said...

I *did* tell someone else about He Qi :D you can check my facebook wall, I liked your feather earrings and one of my friends commented that they were absolutely GORGEOUS (which they totally are!)

Sarah said...

twitter: motosays

Sarah said...

fan on facebook, check! sarah sakamoto :D

Tina said...

Retweeted this giveaway. :] Hope this helps! ^^"

~Lisa said...

Name: ~Lisa
Location: Toronto
I'm most likely to buy this:


~Lisa said...

I told my best friend about He Qi. I have a necklace from HQCD and I always get compliments from ppl.


~Lisa said...

I'm a follower on Twitter (xMaterialGirlsx)


~Lisa said...

I'm a fan on FB


~Lisa said...

I blogged:


depths said...

Hey Lisa,
Thank you for hosting a giveaway! Here's my first entry. <3

Name: Katrina Yanes L.
Location: St. Petersburg, FL

I would most likely purchase "The Serene Calla Earrings." :)


depths said...

Told my co-worker Pamela W. and my best friend Chanel about He Qi Crystal Designs. :)

depths said...

Follower of your twitter @alovelikehers :)

depths said...

I'm a Facebook fan: Katrina Yanes Librojo

depths said...

Made a purchase yesterday! The order number is #1532.

depths said...

Spread the word about your giveaway here: http://twitter.com/#!/alovelikehers/status/58874000922783745

Also put a link to your giveaway on my signature at my website. Check out the bottom of my post (user: depths).


Soo said...

Maryland, USA
I absolutely love the new feather earrings. this is the pair I would purchase next: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/fuchsia-butterfly-and-grizzly-feather-dangles
I even put it on my wishlist on my main site too, especially since they're out of stock right now.

Soo said...

I've told my friends about your earrings (the crowned pearl ones are the recent favorites) and I've given out your business card to someone (stranger) who asked about my earrings.

Soo said...

mutokki @twitter

Soo said...

Soo Min Na @facebook

Tina said...

:) Reviewed Drops of Gold Earrings


sweetestbliss1 said...

Name: Anna
Location: Chicago, IL
Item: Basically any one of your cuff earrings! http://www.shopheqi.com/product/amethyst-teardrops-and-heart-ear-cuff-set


CATHLEEN said...

feather earrings are so pretty. Oooh maccha kit kats sounds so good. too bad they don't sell it in australia. well i think they don't.

CATHLEEN said...

Cathleen. Sydney Australia. wht i would definitely purchase if you had them in stock would be the HP inspired golden snitch earrings. i have a HP obsession going on atm.

What I would most likely purchase is the elven bride pearl dangles. it looks absolutely stunning.


CATHLEEN said...

been a fan of your FB for quite some time :)

CATHLEEN said...

also followed you on twitter as well

CATHLEEN said...


re-blogged you tweet to spread the word

Pauline said...

Name: Pauline
Location: NY
Item I would buy: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/cz-crown-pearl-studs

Okay, so maybe that doesn't count cause I already bought it, but I would buy it again! IT'S SO PRETTYYYYY! But it's kind of weak :( I wore it for the first time the other day to go shopping and I was trying on clothes and at the end of the day when I took them off, the stick was kind of crooked XD

Pauline said...

I told my friend, Kitty, about He Qi Crystal Designs!

Pauline said...

I'm a follower on twitter. (crazyladyxo)

Pauline said...

I liked you on Facebook! (Pauline Lau)

Pauline said...

I also made an order recently.

order #1528

A Healthy Affair said...

I told my friend Amy about your jewelry designs! :)

Natalie said...

Name: Natalie
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Item most likely to buy:

Following you on Twitter: @Nattibo
Also a fan on fb!
Reviewed the Light Rose Sakura Pendant Necklace.

Your designs are so pretty! I wish I could buy so many of your earrings/necklaces but most are sold out poooo. Well it's a good thing for my wallet ^_^/

Tina Y. said...

I told my friend Shanni about how I adore He Qi Crystal Designs today! :D She saw the Mother of Pearl Dove earrings I gave our friend and really liked them.

Yeshentha said...

Heya Lisa! Love ur work! Keep it up! =]

This is my first ever entry to one of ur giveaways, so fingers crossed! =]

Name: Yeshentha
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Item I would buy: Rockstar Princess Cluster Bracelet - http://www.shopheqi.com/product/rockstar-princess-cluster-bracelet

+1 Additional entry: Facebook fan - Yeshentha N..
+5 Additional entries: Order #1543 plus others, haha =P

Thanks! =]

Tras el Secreto de Venus said...


Name: Belen
Location: Madrid, Spain.
I follow you via GFC as Psique7
Email: tras.el.secreto.de.venus@gmail.com
Item I would buy: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/the-dainty-key-to-my-heart-necklace

Tras el Secreto de Venus said...

I told my friend, Sandra, about He Qi Crystal Designs!!

Tras el Secreto de Venus said...

I follow you via Twitter as SecretodeVenus

Tras el Secreto de Venus said...

I follow you via Facebook as Secreto de Venus

Tras el Secreto de Venus said...

I spread the word about your giveaway by Tweeting about it here:

Kittin said...

Spread the word on twitter =]

Anna said...

it's friday friday friday...

Anna Wu
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Next item to buy: one of your grizzly feather earrings ( there was a gold leaf one...) or
(been on the seasaw on this one...im not exactly a necklace person...but but but it wants me...)

+1 Additional entry: Fan of facebook ( check!)

+1 additional entry: Leave a NEW review in my shop
reviewed( had extra time at work...)
CZ Crown & Pearl Studs
I'm a Rockstar Earrings
Volcano Stardust Threaders

+5 Additional entries: Do custom requests count? order 1550

Florence said...

Name: Flo
Locaton: HK
Item: Black Feather Dangles V.3


Lady Stardust said...


product link http://www.shopheqi.com/product/classic-pearl-bracelet-w-eiffel-tower

name: naville torres
email: navillet @ gmail.com

thank you :)