Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Creations, Japan donations Update ;)

Finals went well this quarter, so I'm in an extremely good mood :)

On top of that... He Qi Crystal Designs was able to make a 10,000 Yen donation to the Japanese Red cross last wednesday (Aprox. $125 USD)-- BECAUSE OF AWESOME PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

I estimate that by next week, we will be able to donate another 10,000 Yen! YES!

I also spent the entire day working on orders-- and managed to pull of my most efficient day ever before I take a 5-day break to visit family and other loved ones. So for the next five days, I will NOT be mailing orders out, but you are more than welcome to continue placing orders so that when I get back to work, your order will be done in the order which I received them.

The popular ROCKSTAR ANGEL cuff set is back-- I changed the studs to round instead of Marquise, because these will be easier to get a hold of in the future, as I plan to keep this item as a permanent part of the He Qi collection :)

Also, I was able to add two more cuffs to the website today :)

Now the following pair is for fun... for those of you who know of the NARUTO anime, you'll know exactly where the inspiration came from;

A simple pair of earrings:

Eiffel Tower earrings, very cute:

A fancier pair of earrings:

And quite a fancy necklace, asymmetrical:

Spring is here, yet it's so rainy! That was a quick update before I go MIA for break!!
Hope you all have a wonderful week. I'll still have email and  my phone, so feel free to contact me with questions and custom orders!



xoladiihoneyxo said...

love the new cuff with the anchor and the fancy earrings =] That's wonderful that you was able to donate 10,000 yen!

London's-beauty said...

Congratulations! :) You're amazing! wow that's a lot. Loving the beautiful cuffs! Really hope that i have the money to get stuff from you. Everything is so beautiful!

tiffyama said...

I love all of your creations and I think what you're doing with some of your earnings it great. :]

rebecca said...

wooooo thank YOU for working hard to donate!

Ooooh i really like the idea of star cuffs :)