Tuesday, March 01, 2011

In response to popular demand... :)

... I spent the last couple of days making ONE OF A KIND cuffs. A lot of you gals like how that I offer designs which are NEVER duplicated, so here are 3 cuff sets which will NEVER be duplicated in the same way for ANYONE. Generally for sets like these, I make them with materials I don't get in often :) Enjoy!

Please note, making these cuffs is extremely hard on my the joints in my hand-- so I think I may need to take a small break after this batch :X

^ This set is especially special to me. If you've been following a while, I think you'll agree that something like this just completely expresses my style, colorful, very spring-inspired.... as is the following set:

I originally designed this for a customer, but I mis-interpreted her desires, so I'll be redesigning her set anew. I thought I'd put it on sale here instead of taking it apart:

These go FAST, so please act quickly if something catches your eye :)

And for those wondering how I personally wear my cuff sets, I find that this position is the most secure for me.

However, since everyone's ear size and shape is different, you might need to pink/enlarge your cuff to make it fit your ear better.

Also, winner of EYE CREAM is petitechouxx
Please email me your full name/shipping address, and I'll get you your eye cream to you ASAP!



CATHLEEN said...

omg i love the new cuff earrings. they are absolutely gorgeous.

rebecca said...

i like the blue ones the best ;)

one-of-a-kinds are awesome - they make you feel special ^0^

~Lisa said...

Love the cuffs and the colours! So 'spring' -y

Stac3yxd said...

The blue still look very beautiful lisa if that was for me ;x sorry ><
I love any double piercing earrings you make me :D<3

Amanda! said...

Cuffs aren't my thing, but those are lovely. And maybe I'm the only one, but I hate that you make OOAK items. :/