Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Praise for Yes to Carrots! Eye Cream Giveaway :)

I was at Rite Aid 2 weeks ago, on the hunt for toilet paper. I walked by the clearance section, and saw a set of Yes to Carrots on Sale:

The starter's kit consists of: Cleanser, Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Head Band
I believe it retails for $20, but I got it on clearance for $10. Either way, a steal.

I've had some really horrible, rough dry skin in the last two months. I would moisturize 2x a day, and still flake and peel. Downright gross. I've been looking for a thicker moisturizer cream that would really help lock in the moisture in my skin. I've tried a couple of moisturizers, but haven't decided to really make a commitment to any one either due to price or value. When I saw this set on sale, I jumped on it!

Cleanser: Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
- The beads are super fine, but they are not rough on the skin. There's an obvious exfoliating and cleansing effect. It works well to take off eyeliner, which was unexpected. It leaves your skin feeling clean, without feeling stripped of protective oils. Do follow the directions and massage the cleanser into your face for a good 30 seconds to get full benefits.

Moisturizer: C through the Night Moisturizing Cream
- I believe this cream was intended for night use, but I use it day and night, and have seen wonderful results. The cream is pretty thick, and feels like a very soft, silky veil has been applied over your skin, leaving your skin extremely smooth and soft, ALMOST a bit like a smooth candle. It's strange, haha, but I love it. There's no particular smell to speak of. The only downside right now that I feel is the crappy packaging of the plastic jar--- there's so much wasted space, and wasted materials. There's already a lot of product, what's the point of dressing it up, making it look even bigger?

Eye Cream: I haven't used this, so I can't speak for it. I have another AVON eye cream I'm found of right now :) >> I WILL BE GIVING THIS AWAY in this post! Keep reading for details :)

Overall Rating: 9.5/10
A definite keeper and repurchase. At this price, the quality of these products is a bargain. I was extremely impressed by the quality of these relatively lower-end-priced products. Highly recommend the set to anyone with dry skin. Yes To Inc. has a bunch of other lines geared towards other skin types, as well. Has anyone else used any products from the Yes To line? What are your thoughts?

I've been using this consistently every day for about two weeks, and my skin hasn't been this good since last Spring. I haven't worn any kind of makeup on my face this whole time, because I'm loving how my skin looks and feels without anything on it-- a first in a looooooooooooooong time.

You can buy products of the Yes To line from Target, Rite Aid, and online.

Okay, so regarding the giveaway.. I'm giving away the tub of Eye Cream I received in my set. I will announce the winner in my next post (whenever that may be.... probably by the end of this week, hehe). You'll have them to tell me in the comments section of this post about your skin type, skincare routine, and products used. Open to residents world wide. Have fun, and good luck!



lady_flower123 said...

I have combination skin. I'm teenager so I have skin problems. I use gel to face from garnier & peeling from this company too. I also use so crem but I don't have my favourite. Email: ladyf123@hotmail.com follower: lady-flower123

London's-beauty said...

wow that's a bargain! :)
i think i have kind of an..oily skin. I don't really know because it varies ^_^''
Hope you're doing well Lisa! :) x

Nat said...

I have an oily T-zone, but the rest of my face mostly my chin and around the mouth area tend to get dry. My current skincare routine includes using Proactive cleanser in the mornings followed by a toner and Proactive repair lotion. I also use Estee Lauder's Pore Refiner in the daytime and a moisturizing lotion. At night I also use Face Shops Night Spot Eraser. I have yet to find a good eye cream that moisturizes well without being oily and just sitting on the skin.

CATHLEEN said...

I have a combination of skin types. it really just depends on the day. sometimes it can be super dry with skin peeling or quite oily and I have severe acne. My skin care routine recently changed to using cleanser, lotion and moisturizer all from Clinique Acne Solution 3-step kit. Not sure if it works yet. I also use a prescribed cream that is said to be the best cream for getting rid of acne (my sister is studying pharmacy) but it's not working for me :( but i still put it on every night. oh every like 2-3 days I exfoliate with neutrogena deep cleansing scrub. Yeah I whack on quite a lot of products, but I can never find the right thing.
That's my skin type, routine and products I use :)

Samantha said...

Hola babe!
Just for fun I thought I'd enter :)
Oily & Acne prone right here!
I use toner and moisturizer from the body shop's seaweed line. Cleanser by dermalogica. The face shop's night spot eraser (which really works!) for old acne spots... mario badescu drying lotion for any pimples that was ruin my day. & The Yes to Cucumbers Eye Cream :)

. said...

I have dry skin, eczema sometimes :/ My skincare routine is not very exciting since the only products I use are from A-derma (the sensifluid range), except for my face cream which is the XĂ©mose cream from Uriage !

Rena said...

Humm...goshers...I'm sad to say that I have dry to combo skin, depending on the season...but right now it's typically DRY. So to combat that dryness, I use Clinique's 3-Step skincare regimen, consisting of a toner, face soap, and dramatically different hydrating lotion. I've recently started using Pond's cold cream at night to help with my discoloration and dehydration that I believe I have.

<33 Rena

petitechouxx said...

i have oily/acne prone skin, in summer and winter =.= For my skincare routine, I use biore cleanser, dickinson's witch hazel and biore moisturizer with spf in the morning and at night i use the same cleanser and toner, and biore night moisturizer. every week i use st. ives apricot scrub, or queen helene mint julep masque.

Elisa ♥ said...

I haven't tried any eye creams before, but willing to try it ^^

My skin type: combination skin. All products except for the serum are from the Garnier Essentials line.
Routine: Cleanser, toner, cleansing milk, Lancome genifique serum, cream :)

lisa said...

i have combination skin.. really dry in some parts and super oily.. mostly in my T-zone..

i use proactiv 3 piece kit
then la mer gel cream moisturizer
and kielh's creamy avocado eye cream :)

Questionable said...

My skin is so insane; one day it's dry and flaky, the next it's super oily. On some days, it's both! I have a general skin routine of grapefruit cleanser from the drugstore, then a sun cream lotion in the mornings. At night, I try and use Differin, but most of the times it just makes my skin so dry. In other words, I have not found a nice skin routine for my skintype yet!

Stacey said...

I have combination, sensitive and acne prone skin all rolled into one!! It's been a struggle finding the right products to use. I also have wrinkles under my eyes that have been there since junior high! The scary thing is they just spread...

I still don't think I have the perfect skin routine! I'm currently using Johnson&Johnson pH neutral face wash, kiehl's lycopene cream and avocado eye treatment.

Ever since I came to Japan, I've been struggling with a lot of small bumps that look like 'early' pimples that aren't! They just stay there and never go away... It makes me scared to look in the mirror somedays. (ESP under certain lighting... how can there be so many!!) when I went back to Calgary, it started clearing up slightly, if only for two weeks. I still have no idea what they are.

Anyone have any experience with something like this? :(

Kittin said...

glad you found a solution to your dry skin.
my skin type... semi oily? it's the T across my face that's oily...
skincare routine... not much of a routine, i exfoliate once a week and put on night cream when i remember... wash my face twice a day if that counts
products... clinique exfoliating scrub and shiseido night moisture recharge light

~Lisa said...

I have dry-combination skin. For me, I remove my eyemakeup with Quo or Neutrogena. I then wash with the St.Ives Green Tea Cleanser daily. But only once a day since my skin is a bit dry now. I wash with a washcloth in the morning. After washing my face, I moisturize. In the morning, I use something with SPF. At night, I use the Garnier Refreshing Gel-Cream.

If I have acne (like now) I mainly use C&C Persa-Gel 10.

I also have extremely dark circles and the skin around my eyes is quite dry due to the Canadian winter. Which also makes concealing a huge pain in the butt.

I haven't used Yes to products before but I like how it seems to be a relatively natural skincare line and I also heard a lot of good things about this brand.


xoladiihoneyxo said...

I have heard about them but I've never really wanted to try them out 'cause of the scents they have. That's wonderful that you finally found something that you like and on clearance too ;] teehee. That reminds me, I haven't been to Rite-Aid for quite a while now, probably for the best or my wallet will BURNNN since it's going empty as is with all these bills. For me, I've been using the Garnier gel cream and their facial cleanser. For my eyes, I use the Mary Kay Timewise eye cream thing.... I'm just trying to use that up. I like the smell of Garnier but probably doesn't even do anything for me. My skin is combination, more toward oily but ever since I used the L'real 360 clean facial cleanser, it dry out my skin like crazyyyy!!!

Silverstargirl said...
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Iyah said...

I have been hearing about this brand Yes to carrots! seems like a great product =)

My skin type: dry-combination. I just use clinique make up remover to remove my make up, different cleanser which I switch every now & then to clean my face then ponds moisturizer :)

Ms Bubu said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

My skin is normal to oily. What I do in my routine, is I will wash it with a gel, and then put a SPF moisturiser or moisturizer and then SPf foundation. It has to have SPF somewhere now! In the evening, I take off the makeup, cleanse it with a gel and then put eye and night cream. Once or twice I will srub.

I change brands these days, as I like to, but it includes products such as:

-Johnson and Johnsons wipes
-Johnson and Johnsons moisturiser
-Cellnique SPF 30 cream
-Lush Ocean Salt
-Garnier cleansing gel
-No7 Protect and Perfect moisturizer
-Marcelle Moisturizer.

msbubu26 (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you!!

mint said...

I've seen yes to carrots at the shops but never thought about trying it. it sounds interesting though. thanks for the reviews ;)

rebecca said...

I'm similar to you - sooo dry and this year it has been especially bad D:
im pretty disciplined when it comes to my skincare routine - i do it day and night, everyday yet i Still get flakes between my eyebrows/bridge of my nose. >.<

Mornings i use:
neutrogena grapefruit face wash, fade out eye cream, nip+fab moisture fix, egyptian magic for the lips and dry patches

evenings i use:
neutrogena grapefruit face wash (and cure aqua gel on sundays (; ), fade out eye cream, egyptian magic on lips+face, oxy spot gel

have a nice dayyy :) x

J. said...

I have combination skin. Big issue is sun damage which I haven't found a solution yet. Use Clinique products to clean face. Heard the Yes To products are great-just bought the Carrot conditioner and love it! Wanted to try eye cream. jenlou12@gmail.com

yukiko said...

In the morning;
I usually just wash my face with a flannel and moisturise with No.7 day cream.

In the evening;
I take off my makeup with shu uemura cleansing oil and the rinse. After I use neutrogena pink grapefruit facewash. The I apply olay eye cream and then apply No.7 night cream with it. Also I use salvon cream for my annoying spots around my face.

Sometimes I use cure to get rid of any dry patches and leaves my skin silky smooth. :)

Jessica said...

I have combination skin, oily in the T-zone and dry everywhere else especially in the area between my upper lip and nose (eczema?) Since this month started, for unknown reasons my eyelids have actually been visibly dry and flaky...

In the morning i splash my face with water, pat dry and sometimes i spray a mist of toning water mist on my face.
At night i use @tmosphere's tea tree oil face wash and if i have a breakout i also use Vichy's gel cleanser for acne.