Thursday, June 17, 2010

Giveaway Winner, NEW convertible Necklace & Celtic Earrings

Thank you all for being so patient with me regarding the April/May giveaway. I've finally had time to input all the entries and the winner is.........
(Chosen at random)

...Halifax !!!
Congrats, girlie!
Please contact me to redeem your prize!
Thank you =)

On to some Facial news!

I created 3 more blends. Most people requested combination, so here it is:

And some for dry/sensitive skin

As well as acne prone:

** I'm getting special sample size packs soon, so you can "try" a small amount of facial before you decide if you want to get the full size one =)

One the note of jewelry....

And I've been working on the design of this necklace forever. I finally had the time to sit down last night and work on it. I started at 4, wasn't done till 9. So I think the 5 hours I put into wrapping this 38-inch necklace makes it worth the slightly hefty price tag ($50). Keep in mind, I have seen simple pendant necklace without 1/100th the work for the same price. I think whoever buys this will be pleasantly surprised by the level of detail in this piece.

I don't do long necklaces very often because honestly, they're very hard to make, take forever, and it's hard for the customer to see it's real value. But thought I'd give it a shot anyway =)

Made with genuine freshwater rice pearls.

I'm going to take requests for any specific color combos you'd like to see.

Wear it as a necklace...

Or bracelet...

Or anklet. It's the new "My Dainty Everything Convertible Necklace".
My style of jewelry overall is more dainty. If you look at my cluster bracelets, even those are dainty and relatively modest, but the whole point is that they're wearable and pleasing to look at without going over the top. 

And added some more earrings:

I had a couple gals request CELTIC designs-- here's one!

See all them new stuff HERE!

^ Contact me for any questions/comments/custom orders!


Tammy said...

Lisa that necklace is so beautiful! I love long necklaces because they're so versatile and you can wear it many ways. One way I love wearing long necklaces for fancier occasions is to knot the bottom^^ The rose earrings are cute too <3 <3

London's-beauty said...

freshwater rice pearls make things a lot nicer. love that necklace! :P

Halifax said...

Yay, that's awesome. Emailed you :)

Love the length of the necklace, many ways to wear it too.

izumi said...

that necklace is fab! your wire wrapping is amazing :D

Ashley said...

Your creations look awesome babe! Hope to try them on soon!

Erin said...

that long necklace is so pretty! I can tell it took lots of time and effort. Im sure you wont have trouble selling it as it is beautiful! Also the celtic earrings are really pretty