Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eclipse Earrings GIVEAWAY, Soap, New Jewelry + CIRCLE LENS

First, the fun and engaging news..

A small earring giveaway, in honor of ECLIPSE that's coming out at the end of the month.

"Eclipse"-- only ONE pair will every be made, so rest assured you're getting something truly one-of-a-kind. Measures aprox. 4.5 cm in length, with SWAROVSKI hearts, disco balls, and rhodium plated moons on sterling silver chains and hooks. Value: $25
How to Enter:
- Ends on June 27, 2010
- Open to residents world wide
- You must be a follower of this blog!
- Simply leave a comment to this post with your name and the link to your favorite piece from my website.
- Get an additional entry by spreading the word about this giveaway somehow -- facebook, twitter, blog, myspace, whatever social networking site you have-- remember to post the link in your comments!
Winner will be announced sometime after the 27th-- come back to this blog to find out who!

In other news-- I've successfully made LAVENDER soap! I'm selling them official on my site HERE

I'm VERY satisfied with the way they turned out :D.
Description taken right off my site:
Handmade from scratch using only the best materials NOT found in mass-produced soaps!

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Lavender Essential Oil (100% naturally derived unlike fragrance oil), purple soap coloring, kaolin clay

Measures aprox. 1.6 x 2.5 x 0.75 inches

Each bar weighs aprox. 2 ounces-- regularly the size of a guest bar. However, due to the special properties of kaolin clay added to these, these bars will last as long as your average 4 ounce bar of soap without compromising quality. This also minimizes waste. The high quality ingredients ensure a creamy lather and shea butter is excellent at helping your skin retain moisture. Wonderful for sensitive skin.

And some that I made for wedding favors or small gifts:


 And showing off some new creations:

^ Purchased these wing pendants when they first debuted, I only got to use a couple of them in my work so far, all in bracelets.

Fancy heart!

Octopi, haha

And two pairs of cute, girly earrings:

I've been on a circle lens ban for a couple of years now.... because I know I'll order like 3 more pairs if I decide to get one pair (And I don't really need more contacts....) But during finals, I was sitting with my friend, and she mentioned how she ordered lenses and I finally caved in and bought my first 2 pairs in four years :X I got purple and green, both of which are MINIMALLY pupil increasing and subtle blends.

Here's me with purple lens:

Photo taken inside, with flash, no editing.
Sorry, I look sleepy. 

And I went to my first casino last night, haha.
I ended up spending $10, and losing all of it, BUT I got this ticket during the beginning of the trip...

puahaha, lame.

And Achilles, sleepin' on the bed like a cutie, as usual:

This is his "you're too loud so I need to cover my head with my paw" moment.

Alright guys, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

- Lisa


Jess said...

wow! you make soap too?? so talented! it looks beautiful! =)

Stacey said...

Lovely looking soap! :)

My new favourite is Simply Beachy!

And I also tweeted about it:

mint said...

wow awesome soap, the heart shape ones are cute.

My favourite piece from He Qi Crystal Designs is the Moonlight Heart Threaders. It's simple but very pretty ^^

Saving Capulet said...

I believe this is the first time I ever saw you and my! I know your works are gorgeous, but you even more! you look kinda like a slimmer version of amy lee in that pic, i love it a lot and the kitty too <3

xoladiihoneyxo said...

The soap looks beautiful and the way you package it makes it look... classy! =D Almost high end brand, great job girl!

name: Linda Tran

current favorite piece:


Kittenhayley said...

Hi :) My new favorite piece are the octopus earrings
They are too cute!!
I also wanted to say your soap looks so pretty I really want to buy some. I love the samples of your soaps I have received with my orders, they are amazing! :)

Mary said...

Hi Lisa,

My favourite, well new favourite, is the Octopi earrings which is why I just bought them!

Also, I love that you're enabling us to try samples of your masks. They sound great, can't wait to use them. :)

I spread the word through Facebook:

London's-beauty said...
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London's-beauty said...

i like.. Spring in Pink and Purple
really cute :) i can't find your alice in wonderland bracelet :[

hehe you've successfully made the soaps! looks beautiful :)

can't wait for eclipse to come out! am going to be the first one there to watch it !

Rena said...

Yahhhh! I want "Eclipse" earrings! Plus, it's the only ENTER ME PLEASE!

My favorite item would have to be this necklace!

BTW, I think this is the first time that you've posted up a picture of yourself (unless I've been missing some posts)...but you're gorgeous! You should have more photos up! 8)

<33 REna

Kittin said...

the soap looks amazing =] and really cute as well.
The Octopi earrings look adorable, but i didn't see them on the site. If i was to pick something from your site, it would be
funny how i also got purple circle lenses and considering getting green xP

Chanthida said...

My name is Chanthida, and keeping to the twilight theme, my favorite is , i just love the way this necklace looks I love things that look a lil' antique, and I can't wait until eclipse i'm watching a midnight premiere..yay!

Amanda! said...

Hi Lisa! The new pieces look lovely. :)

I just made an order so I think I purchased the things I really liked, but I like your My Dainty Everything Necklace. I think it's simple but cute and the versatility is nice. :)

Tweeted about your contest here:

Grace Wong said...

thanks for the giveaway, my name is Grace Wong!

I love the spring in pink and purple bracelet:


Pauline said...

The texture of the rectangle soap looks nice, like if you rub it on your skin, it'll give you a massage LOL.

name: Pauline L
Favorite Item:

I've like that for awhile now, but idk why I haven't bought it yet.

baby-kk said...

Aww the soaps are cute ^^ ~
I've always wanted to try circle lens, but always been scared if i poked my eye =/
cute cute new jewellery :D


Name: Karen
favourite product:

Kristen said...

Hi Lisa!
My name is Kristen. You have so many beautiful jewelry creations, so it's hard to choose just one. But if I had to choose, my favorite is the Signature Super Nova Necklace: PVL

Florence said...

wow the heart shaped soap look beautiful!
i've been wanting a pair of purple circle lenses. i have a pair of brown ones but i don't use it much, so i don't use it much, so i can't bring myself to buy a purple pair.

name: Florence
favorite item:

I've wanting this bracelet for a while also, but I'm not a bracelet person, so I'm still debating =P

superwoolu said...

wow you're branching otu so much!! soon you will be selling your yummy treats on your website too XD

i want to enter your giveaway cuz those earrings look stunning! red and black is def a great combination.

name: superwoolu
ONE of my fave items: Swarovski and Heishi Bracelet in cream

p.s the circle lens look great!

Anonymous said...


Ľubaša said...

I love crown necklace:
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Ľubaša said...

Oh I forgot to put my name to the previous comment - so
Hi, I am Lubica.
I tweeted about your giveaway here:
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Ľubaša said...

I shared your contest with my friends on FB wall. Lubica
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Florence said...

I spread the word here:


Shiseiten said...

I love the octopi earrings. They sold out super quick though! D: and the beach bracelet is nice and simple, but perfect for the season. always a treat to see new things from you. :)

kalai said...

the soap looks amazing!! ~~ the hrats ones are so cute too~~ xx