Sunday, February 24, 2013

Restock of MOP Dove Earrings! Plus new creations

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are having an awesome Sunday in the US.

First off..
After over a year of being out of stock, our Mother of Pearl Dove Earrings are FINALLY back! There are 3 pairs left before they are out of stock again.

I've had a lot of trouble securing these particular dove beads.  A local  bead shop had stocked them, but hadn't for a quite a while.  I had tried buying from online sources but the quality was really never up to par and those beads got tossed.

My overall obsession as of late has turned to wire wrapped rings. For the longest time I couldn't get a hang of getting them perfectly round, the wires in the right positions.  Lots of practice and wire later, I've grown to really love making rings.  Making each one has been therapeutic, and knowing that you all can custom your size makes me feel more connected to each of you.  Sounds a little lame but very true :)

The little knot ring is a surprisingly cute ring-- super versatile and really, can be worn every day.

Our new little gold heart ring is... simply adorable.
I'm falling in love with minimalist jewelry.
Sometimes, the smallest pieces may have a surprisingly large impact.

Also found cute little shooting star motifs and turned them into a one of a kind pair of earrings:

See the Shooting Star Earrings HERE.

Hope everyone has a beautiful rest of the day and in the week to come. I have major spring cleaning coming due for the site-- reorganization is in the works!


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Shiseiten said...

Love the look of your new Shooting Star earrings. They would be gorgeous for a night out!