Monday, February 25, 2013

An ode to the origami butterfly

It's time for me to bring back some old favorites!

A customer has requested for the longest time the origami earrings to come back-- so much so, she was sweet enough to send origami papers to my home to inspire me!

Stacey, you are awesome. Without your encouragement I would have never been able to make this batch of origami butterflies.

The process does take a while--
- Papers are cut to size, butterflies folded and glued on day 1. Left to cure overnight.
- Metal wire is placed in the middle of the butterfly, glued, cured overnight.
- Butterflies are coated again, cured overnight.
- Lastly, SWAROVSKI Crystals are added to embellish the butterflies. The earrings are finished with 14K gold filled or sterling silver hook.
Easily, this process spans at least three days-- it's been tough trying to find enough time to work on the steps in batches.

So here are the latest creations -- origami butterfly earrings. These are only a few of what is available.
Only one of each pair is available; so each design is one of a kind!

View the entire origami butterfly collection HERE



Stacey said...

I'm so happy you brought them back!! *Squeal* I don't know which one to pick, they're all so pretty. Definitely one of my favorite items in your store!

InsideOut Elle said...

I LOVE your origami earrings! I've never seen anyone else make these and the ones I bought a couple years ago still look beautiful. I think next time I'll get one with gold filled hooks though because cleaning the sterling silver hooks are nerve wrecking to clean xD Anyway, I'm so glad you're making these again!