Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Mudderling Progress + Diet and Neon Geometric earrings + Sailor Saturn Earrings :)

This post's title is mouthful, I know-- but I wanted to capture everything I was going to post about... I need to learn the art of catchy titles instead of summarizing titles. Wherefore art thou creativity?

Anyway, I wanted to give everyone an update on how our Tough Mudder training is going.

Basically, we're going off of the workouts posted on their website:
In the last 3 weeks ish, we have worked up to doing 3 circuits, and not dying, though our form still really sucks.

The first time I did it, I was completely out of breath after the warm up. Guys, this is probably the most deceptive workout I've ever done. In addition to Tough Mudder circuits 3 times/week, I am also taking classes at 24Hour. I try to squeeze in 3-4 classes/week, and workouts sometimes overlap with Tough Mudder Training.

And honestly, it's making a world of difference for my fitness. It's amazing how much more energy you have, how you develop muscles you never knew you had, and how great you feel about... everything. I have always enjoyed working out, but have never really pushed this hard, and gotta admit-- it's awesome and addicting, but the first 2 weeks were the hardest.

Starting out, I was constantly sore, everything hurt. My legs felt like they couldn't make it up the stairs. I'm mixing up all kinds of workouts: cardio, strength, endurance, HIIT, flexibility -- it really helps to keep things fun and interesting.

Also, if you are just starting to work out, I highly recommend having a workout buddy. My coworker and I take the classes together, and the bf, roomie and I do the Tough Mudder circuits together. It's awesome.

As far as diet goes, we're eating more whole, unprocessed foods. Not everything we eat is entirely whole grain organic and all that jazz-- we keep it practical, delicious, and for the most part very healthy.

Here's an example of a meal one night:

I took canned bamboo and 3 broccoli crowns:

Added it to some chicken thigh marinated in soy sauce, sugar, garlic, onions to create a stir fry filled with veggies and protein:

We served this with basmati rice; a white rice with the lowest glycemic index. Unfortunately we can't get ourselves to eat brown rice yet so white rice will have to do.

In other news, I am continuing to ride the geometric trend!

I made these two pairs of Neon Geometric earrings (yep, riding the Neon trend as well) -- what do you think? This is a pretty modern and simplistic design.
^ I think the gold cubes are super awesome. They have a lot of dimension to them.

Love the "arrow"-esque shapes in this one.

I'm also adding to the Sailor Moon collection-- here are some Sailor Saturn inspired Earrings!

I choose the heliotrope hearts because their purple-blue-black tone is really perfect for representing the "dark" and extremely powerful Sailor Saturn. I may consider doing a cosplay version of her earrings in the future..

Lastly, here is Loki.

This is his favorite way to hang out with us in the computer room. He likes to camp out in front of one of our keyboards and totally pass on out his back, with his paws in the air. Unfortunately this photo doesn't show him on his back, but I think you get the idea. How can anyone get anything done with a cute kitty in front of them??

I'm off for the night-- have a great one, everyone!


Stephanie Cai said...

I love the last pic of Loki and your new Geometric earrings!! I'm so excited for you about the Tough Mudder challenge! Please keep us updated with your fitness!

Btw, thanks for the sweet message, moving is like starting over again so I'm pretty nervous and excited about it.

Elana said...

Ooh I love the sailor saturn earrings! It'd be great to see a version of her earrings...her earrings were quite lovely If I recall. They also remind me of the planet necklace in Hana Yori Dango...other worldly and beautiful!

Good luck with your workouts! =)