Friday, June 08, 2012

LIMITED BATCH: Rose Water Clay Facial + Sailor Moon!

Remember my tutorial on how to make Rose Water?

Anyway... I am passing along the beautifying benefits of rose water to you. I have been in the process of formulating a rose water clay facial for some time now, and the timing was right. I was able to harvest a batch before the roses are gone... and utilize it :)

Introducing... the Rose Water Clay Facial!

Please visit the STORE to read all the little details on what it does for your skin. It's a very limited batch and I only have a few jars available.

I also expanded/modified some older Sailor Moon designs.. I do want to try making ones that represent the other Sailor Senshi..

I ended up making a Chibi Moon inspired pair of earrings!
Just really cute :)

And the Eternal Sailor Moon earrings have been modified!

They now match the soon to be populated Sailor Senshi collection :)

I also made a pair of simple Baroque Earrings:

Classy, for office wear or bridal accessory!

Lastly, I was very attracted to this color..."Chrysolite" as Swarovski calls it.
It's a yellowish hued green, blue toned opal. Very stunning. I added some rose bicones and pearls for contrast.

If you're interested in winning a full sized Sugar Scrub or Lip Balm of your choice on Alycia's Blog!


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