Monday, May 07, 2012

Day 7 Winner: 8th Day with New Rules-- EVERYONE can enter again!

A huge thanks to everyone who has taken part in He Qi's 8 Days of Giving! I hope to be able to do one of these every year from now on :)

Day 7's winner is.. JEN !
Please email me your full name & shipping address to claim your prize :)

Giveaway Rules for Day 8 -- SPECIAL!
- Must be 18+ or have guardian permission to enter
- Open to residents world wide
- IF you have won before, you may enter again!
ENDS: May 8, 2012 at 6 PM United States West Coast (California) Time! 
I will announce the winner that night, as well as post the next day's giveaway! You have from now till the end time to enter. BE QUICK

Everyone gets only 1 chance to win Day 8's prize. All you have to do to earn your first entry is:
- Be a follow of either this blog or Facebook
- Tell me one thing that you're thankful for at this very moment

Yep. That's it! Simple, short. I will announce the winner tomorrow night.

The prize for Day 8 is as follows:

1. 4 x Facial Masks
2. Japanese Strawberry Kit Kats
3. 12-color Eyeshadow Palette
4. He Qi Natural Vanilla Lavender Moisturizing Salve


Your own customized Lip Balm Locket:

a $50 Gift Voucher to

That's all for tonight. Please pass this giveaway along! It's very easy and straightforward to enter.
Have a wonderful night and tomorrow, everyone! 



Sherry said...

I am follower GFC

Sherry said...

I am thankful as I still can breastfeeding my baby

Annie said...

I am definitely a follower via GFC & on FB!

I am thankful for not only winning day #6 of your giveaway, but for you making my wedding earring cuff set! I can't wait to show it off in August. Thank you Lisa :)

Jennifer said...

Following on GFC as Jennifer Yang

I am very thankful for you doing this many giveaways in such a small time period! And of course, thank you very much for my winning entry. It really made my day and I cant wait to receive it.

Elana said...

I am a follower of both your fb and your blog =)

I am thankful for my family that supports me endlessly and always worries and takes cares of me. I know it's cliche but I feel comfortable knowing there are a select few in this world who will love me no matter what.

Thanks for all the giveaways! =)

Kristyn said...

I'm a follower of your blog :)
I'm thankful for my family that is always there for me no matter what.

rhaindropz said...

im a follower via gfc: rhaindropz

iam thankful for everything that happens to mylife now, we were blessed with a healthy baby girl, a loving husband and a supportive family.. and i could not ask for more.

hugs and kisses

truefmtheheart said...

I follow your blog via GFC!

Like other people said, I also have to say I've been really thankful for how supportive my family has been in so many ways in helping me get through a tough time in my life.

Thanks for your awesome giveaways- it's very sweet of you :)

Stacey said...

I am thankful for my health, my amazing parents that have never stopped me from being free and heading on adventures, for my family that is always there, for all the incredible people I have met.... the list could go on forever! Today, I am especially thankful for my students. One of my old students came by the junior high school I teach at just to say hello and show me his high school uniform!

lilbluangel1223 said...

I am a follower on Facebook :)

I am very thankful for my family, for always being there for me even when I am at my worst.

Lilly said...

I am a GFC follower: Lilly

And I am thankful for the nice weather today :)
Thanks a lot for the giveaway!
eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

Ondine said...

I'm following your blog.

I'm thankful for always somehow stumbling into such great communities online that are constantly teaching me new things and providing me with such great encouragements and support. It's strange how even strangers you've never met can manage to touch your life in such significant ways.

And I am, of course, also thankful for this giveaway!

Vicky said...


As a recent college grad, I am thankful for my job and all its benefits!

Sam Murakami said...

Following via GFC, Name is all the same (:

I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to study abroad in Japan and widen my own horizon by living into a new culture!

I really like your blog, so please keep it up! (:

KI said...

I'm a blog follower (:

I'm thankful for those friendships where even if you don't physically see the person in months, when you finally meet up its like nothing has changed.

Kittin said...

I'm a follower.

I'm thankful for being home with my parents.

Tina Y. said...

Dear Lisa,
I'm most thankful for how friends and family have stood by me through these past couple of years when things have been tough and stressful. Without them, life wouldn't be the same and a lot harder. Life may be confusing for me now but they give me the encouragement and courage to not give up. :)

aiMiXue said...

I'm thankful for a roof over my head and a full stomach.

AznGirl123 said...

I (Alice) follow this blog via GFC and FB. At this very moment...I'm thankful for all the resources I have to help myself in school. I have lots of tests coming up, since its the end of the year, and I'm so glad that I have so many people there for me.

Clara said...
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Clara said...
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Clara said...
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Clara said...

I'm a follower via GFC & on FB.
I'm thankful that my mom finally realize that I'm all grownup now :)

Joanne said...

I'm definitely a follower of your blog & Facebook.

I am extremely grateful for my 3 beautiful kids, hubby, new house, and my health. My family is my world, and without them I am empty... Nothing.