Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Xmas Goodies, Bracelet Winner, and MORE!

Good noon, everyone!
Thanks to those who dropped a quick line on the last post :) I really enjoyed reading your goals for 2011 :) I wish you all the best of luck and discipline in achieving your goals!

The surprise bracelet will be sent to: charlene-ann
Please email me your full name and shipping address:
Let me know if 7-inches bracelet is okay for you!

Anyway, I wanted to quickly share some Christmas goodies with you all-- I was so, SO thoroughly spoiled this year, it was ridiculous. Everyone is so good to me ::TEARS::

Brian's parents ended up gifting me this Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

I'm going to be using this SO MUCH. It's already been put to use a couple times, making cookies! It's such a breeze-- and SO QUIET and powerful. This is a HEAVY piece of equipment! There are NO vibrations whatsoever on the counter from the motor because it's so well made and everything is contained. LOVE.

The awesome Steph sent awesomeness my way, including... MOMOFOKU!

I've seen this book around quite a few times, but never though about buying it for myself. I've been reading it, and have been sucked up into the world of ramen and other delicious food. THANK YOU, Steph! She also included an awesome Cool Jewelry Ice Cube Tray which I will start using the second it's not freezing... or even when it's still cold because I'm addicted to iced coffees and milk teas :X.  She also included FRICKEN DELICIOUS COOKIES. BTW Steph, I've been making the cranberry everything cookies and have been eating way too many of them-- everyone LOVES them! Thanks for introducing me to these wonderful yummies!

The beautiful & talented Crystal sent me some organic awesomeness for the holidays as well, including:

Josie Maran Makeup Wipes :)

And the AWESOME John Masters Orange & Ginseng exfoliating body bar which I just CAN NOT get enough of.

Crystal was the first to introduce me to John Masters organic products. Although they are a bit on the pricey side, I would not mind spending a few extra bucks to get the quality of their products as soon as I have a stable job.

I spoiled myself and bought for myself..
^ This is supposed to come in the mail tmrw! I CAN'T WAIT! I bought this dress to wear in Vegas-- Brian bought us tickets to go to Vegas as our Christmas present and we'll be going Jan. 7 - 9!! WOO HOO! My first time there since I was like... 10 or something like that, haha. This time, I won't get scolded for sitting on a bar stool :)

I went to Ross/Marshalls and got some good deals on some knee-high Steve Madden boots, leggings, dress, jeans, workout capris, teas, agave nector... all for about $130. I probably should have taken a photo of them...

Anyway, I leave you with some photos of the newest items available for sale in my SHOP.
I also have new gift with purchase HERE.



Kittin said...

the last cuff set looks so tempting. we'll see how much i spend on college books and decide if i'll buy those! hehe

Eugenia said...

LOVE your designs, they get better and better!

~Lisa said...

Congratz to the winner!!
Those are some great gifts you got!!
& I love your new pieces!! That little bow is so cute! I think I have those in my mini jewelry making kit. LOL

charlene-ann said...

YAY! Thank you :) sooo excited!! I love all you're jewelry. I have a bigger appreciation for jewelry that is handcrafted =) thanks again!

Wenny said...

your designs are really getting better and better :)

Cindii said...

I'm so jealous of your mixer. I'm doing everything by hand and wisk. D:

Susan said...

Love the cuff set! Hope to see more of these. Hope you had a Great Time in Vegas!!!