Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally, new earrings and bracelets!

Just a quick post to show you the goodies I've added to the website.
Next week, I'll be having Valentine's Day specials posted, including $28 solid Italian sterling silver necklaces w/ SWAROVSKI heart pendants. Simple, high quality, made to last. Will also be having some crowns & pearls in soon :).

Another hearts with wings cuff:

"Vampira" is a new color combination of an old design:

Starfish dainty cluster:

Took a risk with these:

I have no idea whether anyone will like these. I was really inspired by the gothic lolita style.
... except toned down, and more romantic.

Mini Chandeliers :)

Crystal Silver night hearts are loved by many:

More long-leaf earrings!

Peacock feather earrings, version 2 :)

Unfortunately, the cost of sterling silver is on the rise again. At this point, it's going to be worth almost as much as gold in a couple years :X This IS going to be reflected in the price of new He Qi pieces.

I recently (and by that, I mean 5 hours ago) invested $1000 in a new laptop, it's a Sony Vaio i7, and I got a great deal on it through Ebay-- I had some aftermarket adjustments made to the CPU, RAM, hardrive size (even though hardrive doesn't matter much when I have my external). Truth is, my current 5-year-old lappy can't handle PS/CAD/MATLAB the way I need it to. So... an investment in the future. I need to be extra frugal for a while to compensate for this large expense :X

okay, bed time for me! have a wonderful long weekend!
I'm jealous of everyone who's going snowboarding this weekend-- I haven't been able to find time to go yet, this season :( Brian bought me new boots, and I really, really want to use them.

Oh yes, I haven't forgotten about the 600 follower giveaway. Stick around, and I'll have that posted within the next week or so :)



charlene-ann said...

everything looks soo pretty =)

London's-beauty said...

Ohh my XD the first ear cuff looks angelic ^_^ so pretty.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Oh no!!! Rise in silver meaning rise in gold too!? Good gracious. I remember you mention there's a certain metal if mixed with silver, people with sensitive skin can still wear it, do you remember which one it was? I think it was a.l...... something something. lol. Pretty jewelries! As college students whom are going beyond, I think it's best to invest in a good and large drive.

~Lisa said...

AhhH! Love Crystal Silver Night Hearts....=)

J.M. Tate said...

I really like those mini chandaleer earings. How much percentage did silver go up

Cindii said...

Those Lolita inspired earrings are nice. Good luck!

Rachel said...

Stunning! =)

joey said...

i LOVE the mini chandeliers!
congratulations on the new laptop btw, i love updating my technological devices =)

CATHLEEN said...

I love the cuff earrings. so cute.

Susan said...

Love the mini chandeliers! Love the new peacock design too!!
Could you do the long leaf earrings without the crystals?

disilluzional88 said...

Did someone already buy that cuff earring? Not on the site. =(

Helen said...

Your hearts with wings cuff is so pretty!!

I hope you decide to make this again because I can't find it on your site. :( I want it!


InsideOut Elle said...

the peacock remix is lovely ^_^