Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Kitty Loki is missing :(

This morning Loki escaped through an open window... the window didn't have a screen since it had been modified previously to let another cat in /out.

So... as you can imagine we are spending all our time/energy on looking for Loki.

This is his favorite lay position, lol:

A recent favorite:

All our neighbors have been notified and we will be contacting the local shelters/SPCA tomorrow.
Crossing my fingers that he'll find his way back, though. He's kinda derpy (and we say that with the most affection possible) ..... not the brightest. And of course we will continue to call him, leave food/water out, look for him, etc. He's family and we won't give up so easily.

I appreciate you coming by and sending us some positive vibes :)



Stacey said...

Oh Lisa, I hope Loki finds his way home soon! If not, here's hoping he'll approach people for help!!

Michelle Jadaa said...

We had one escape from us recently.The best advice we were given was put out some of his cat litter,food will attract anything but his own cat litter will attract him.Plus look especially at dawn and dusk when outdoor cats are most active.Ours returned to our backyard at 4am lol.Best of luck!

mumuji said...

Oh gosh how worrying! I've always said to the BF I want a cat when we move out and he's always warned that cats go and please as they like and one day you may find it missing or killed by a car so its made me think twice whether I'd be able to handle one!

I do hope it returns or you find him soon enough and that he doesn't get injured by other animals!

Pauline said...

Oh no! Sending positive vibes your way. Hope Loki comes home soon!