Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Absinthe and Bling - last day to enjoy Mailing List Exclusive!

Have you seen Moulin Rouge?
Remember the Green Fairy? The Asbinthe fairy?

This lip balm was a play on Absinthe--
Absinthe smells of black licorice-- and though I absolutely despise eating black licorice, this scent is addicting. I added a bit of Stevia to the formulation to give off a sweet scent; attempting to capture the essence of Absinthe prepared with sugar (as it often is).

I had a customer request earrings with more dramatic chains + larger in size... so these are what I came up with-- Olivine SWAROVSKI flat briolettes with dangling gold chains!

These were a customized version of an existing design for a customer:

I found some Cherry Blossom shaped paper stamps, and for the life of me could not figure out how to utilize them. I was cutting out paper from Washi sheets and... ended up glueing them together to create these layered paper earrings:
I've been wearing them to work, and am quite happy with how they turned out :)

And some of the newest findings are featured in these beautiful bridal pieces:

^ These are quite interesting. The bows are definitely all silver, but they are textured so that it shimmers slightly. Very cool!

In a popular application, with pearls!

A few months ago I hoarded some beads I did not know how I wanted to use. I took a minimalist approach and made really simple bracelet with a Clover:

... and Heart

I was unsure about these geometric posts when I first ordered them, but I think it goes quite well with the black teardrops!

Lastly, I made a more dramatic bracelet. I was scared it would be overkill but I ended up really liking how it turned out:

In closing, my housemate was planning to use this dish as a bread basket. But Kratos decided that he was going to take over..

He tried really hard to make himself small to fit.


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