Monday, September 26, 2011

Kitties, Food, Earrings~

Like the new layout? A little more stimulating :)

Anyway, I came home on Friday to this:

Oh, the joys of kittenhood....

I made some easy-peasy tiramisu for coworkers... too much whipped cream... and it pretty much melted by the time they were to eat it unfortunately... 
But still cute :D-- there are cocoa nibs on top!

Also, last but not least, here are some new earrings I've been working on, available for purchase on the website!

I vow to blog soon! My work is having a Breast Cancer Awareness baking fundraiser.. and guess who is going to be making goodies? :D I can't wait! .. speaking of Breast Cancer Awareness, YES-- He Qi will be making a contribution for all sales made in October-- will announce later!

Also, I plan to hold a giveaway soon-- it's been a while! What should I be giving away? Handmade goodies (jewelry, clay facials, mineral eyeshadows?) and beauty products... what about some baked goodies, too?
Let me know what you'd like to see given away...

I am currently also taking requests for more products/designs you'd like to see for sale (jewelry wise)-- please email me:

Goodnight my loves!


Soo said...

I have really been liking your latest designs. my wishlist keeps getting longer, which is alright, but ultimately terrible for my wallet. I've been pretty good about resisting. :(

the fundraiser sounds exciting. give us an update about it afterwards!

the new layout is a nice change too. the charm bracelet(?) in the header is really cute.

p.s. I was wondering if you're still open to doing giveaways on other blogs? I'd love to add anything from your shop to a big giveaway later in the year, but I dunno when it'll be or if there were restrictions or time constraints, or if you'd even be interested in having it on mine since I don't have a huge number of readers.

Marie said...

Oh goodness!

I miss having a cat, they're such curious little things.

It's Marie. I have a new blog AGAIN, I know. But hey, foolishxlady wasn't going where I wanted it to! It doesn't listen!

Annnnd whatever happened to making chocolates?