Sunday, July 28, 2013

Introducing.. Francine!

Hi All!

Last year, I met a lovely gal.  Her name is Francine and she was interested in modeling for He Qi!

Miss Francine was brought up in a Filipino family, who wanted her pursue a career in the medical field. She volunteered at hospitals and proved to be a great caregiver. She's also very artistic and talented in many forms of art.  Throughout high school she took numerous art classes as well as science classes. During her free time, she would read blogs and watch YouTube videos. Doing so inspired her to potentially pursue a career in the fashion/beauty industry.  Her family was hesitant of her passion-- unsure if one can make a living in such a field, so she entered college as a nursing student and a few years later underwent what she calls "a beautiful tragedy"; her mother passed away. This unfortunate event made Francine realize that she did not want to waste any time-- she wanted to pursue her passion and embrace her talent.  So after two years of being in the nursing program, she switched majors and loaded up with the required classes to graduate on time. And in two and a half years, she graduated with a BA in Graphic Design. Throughout this entire process, she was still in love with the fashion/beauty industry and blogs/YouTube continued to inspire her. So, in 2012, Francine started a YouTube channel as a hobby dedicated to share, motivate and inspire others in any way possible.

Francine is currently a full-time graphic designer with a fashion retail company and freelance on the side.

Please support Francine by visiting her YouTube.
You can view her Portfolio HERE, and contact her via email for any questions/to say "hi":

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