Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Gemstone Goodies!

A quick post... a change from the Japan posts-- I promise I do have more Japan posts coming, however!

I went to visit my parents yesterday and on our way out of town, we passed by a gemstone store. Needless to say, I had to go.

And I picked up beautiful, stunning, absolutely gorgeous Mystic Blue Topaz which I used to make these two beauties:

Simple Wire Gems for every-day and work:

And some extreme ones that I worked on for quite a while. I wanted something dramatic, so this is what I came up with- see them HERE.

So many gemstones in one pair of earrings. I might have overdone it.

And on the same note, more gemstones, Light Pink Amethyst and Tourmaline to create these little clusters:

Lastly but not least, a pair of Sakura inspired earrings:

Meanwhile, I am also prepping for a FACEBOOK Giveaway-- if you haven't "liked" He Qi yet, please head over and take a moment to do so! I will be offering a few prizes :) Please look out for this giveaway within the next week.


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