Sunday, December 11, 2011

Macarons and Sparkles PHOTO HEAVY!

Everytime I whip up a batch of good looking macarons, I am ecstatic.
I am so ecstatic I actually squeal a little every time I take a batch out and the top are smooth and the feet are high and pronounced.

... and it happened this time!
And it so happened, that I was entering these into a desert contest at work. A macaron was to sit atop some Tiramisu...

So I aged my egg whites, and 2 days after letting them sit, I whipped up a batch of macs and crossed my fingers.

Here are photos of my progress in case anyone is interested...

I always fail to remember to take photos of me piping them, sorry :( Next time!


Nice high feet profile, smooth shell. Bliss.


Happily sandwiched.

And just because this picture is amazing:

I find myself happily admiring the aesthetics of the macarons that I completely forgot about .... how they're actually food....

... so two days later, after they had fully supposedly matured, I took a bite.

(and another photo here because I can't get over how cute they are)

.... the horror. They were hollow. They had extremely strong shells, BUT THEY WERE HOLLOW. They are NOT supposed to be hollow.

So it was, despite being beautiful, a macaron fail in the end. Again, wish I had snapped photos of those darn hollow shells..

But... they still looked good sitting on the tiramisu, and I ended up getting third in the bake off and I am very happy :)

From a jewelry perspective, my hands have been busy these last two weeks!

I also decided to bring back my... "Vampire Desire" series :)


You guys overwhelmed yet?
I know it seems like a lot, but seriously, I get times of OMG I HAVE TO MAKE SOMETHING NOW OR ELSE I'LL NEVER RELAX moments.... which generally means that whole night after work will be dedicated to creativity. ...

... but the main reason why this update was so photo heavy is because I've really sucked at blogging as much lately.

.... and I will keep the excuses to myself because in the end, excuses are really just excuses, and who cares? The bottom line: I have not been blogging, I'm sorry. There's so much I would like to share, but finding the time to sit down and convert thoughts into words... I need to work on that.

So I leave you with a life update:
The house is awesome.
I resolve to do a house tour.

We're moving back in with my awesome college roomy and his gf. It's going to be amazing because we've already lived with each other.

... and also, big kitchen.

You know what that means. More delicious food and baked goodies.

Till next time, when I will announce the winner of the He Qi Winter giveaway!



tiffyama said...

Awww, despite your macaroons not turning out so well, they look super cute and perfect!!! I'm sure you'll have more and more opportunities to bake at your new house. Excited for you. ^^ Good luck with the move!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

aww... at least they look good. hmm, they do seem hard to make. Even to this day, I still don't know what they taste like. lol.

Its good to get some of your creativity out! and yay for you for moving into a house! Is it renting a house or buying one?